Ubisoft Use Illegal No-CD Crack To Fix Bug

PC using Rainbow Six Vegas 2 owners who purchased the game via the "Direct 2 Drive" service were in for a mess of a time when Ubisoft issued their latest patch for the game, bringing the version number up to 1.03. Apparently while the patch would work fine for standard disc owning gamers, downloadable versions of the game were incompatible with the new patch which ended up causing owners of this version some undue stress.

Talk was rife on the official Ubi forums, with users figuring out that an illegal No-CD crack created by the "RELOADED" group would in fact fix the problems that "D2D" version owners were facing. Of course, seeing as the crack was unofficial and illegal, users explaining this fix were issued warnings and the suggestions removed.

Enter Ubi's "own" patch for the problem, which fixed the problem just as the illegal patch had. Some enquiring gamers took it upon themselves to dig deeper into the inner workings of the officially issued patch and were shocked to see what they had found. The "official" patch issued by Ubisoft was in fact the same patch stolen from the illegal cracking group RELOADED.

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gamesR4fun5314d ago

Wont happen but i gotta tip my hat to those boys thanks to them i dont need to use the stupid cd on half my games.

znu5314d ago

well actually you can't sue for something you haven't patented(trade marked) and I doubt that a cracking team officially patented their illegal(well in some countries) crack

Shame of Ubi though, their games have been dropping quality lately and now this.

Meus Renaissance5314d ago


kg73105314d ago

a lot of people will think because of this that nocd cracks are legal now..

gamesR4fun5314d ago

that all depends on where u live man :P

Avto5314d ago

Well I for once know this cracks have better performance than the original game.exes Ubi games come with

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