Mortal Kombat X Review - Gore galore [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: Consider Mortal Kombat X your first essential fighting game of the new generation of consoles. It's best enjoyed with local friends thanks to the easily memorised combos and buckets of gory X-Ray moves and finishers. The story and lengthy Tower options will pad out the single-player experience, but the online match ups are reserved for the more hardcore player.

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bggriffiths1265d ago

Really enjoyed this, but I get the feeling Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 later this month is going to be the one to beat.

Blues Cowboy1265d ago

Yeah I'm holding out for that or the current-gen Skullgirls. Will pick this up at some point but don't play local multiplayer like I used to.

Glad to hear it's not a microtransaction hell tho!

iSuperSaiyanGod1265d ago

MKX is actually really fun , I'd pick it up if I was you

Majin-vegeta1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

They really need to fix the online.It's worse than when BF4 released.

Tzuno1265d ago

this game is f'ked on PC, i hold my money for now.