'Silent Hills' is dead, but the series died long ago

[email protected] writes, "Silent Hills has been canceled, and my biggest regret is that I will never understand the reason for the ridiculous “s” on the end of the name.

I know, that’s pathetic. The Internet is in an uproar, and I’m sitting behind my computer, thanking god I don’t have to play a game called Silent Hills — because how stupid is that? At the same time, I'm sighing to myself, and not for the first time. Silent Hill (minus the “s”) is dead. Forever. Probably. Konami says it’s not over, but I don’t believe them. There’s dirt on their fingers, a shovel in their hands. They’re standing over the grave."

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Cha0tik1293d ago

Didn't even read too far into this. Horrible opinion piece.