The N64 era is back: Rare veterans on Wii U, triple-A development and its successor to Banjo Kazooie

The creative director and studio head at Playtonic Games is about to debut his first project on Kickstarter. He and five other senior veterans from acclaimed UK developer Rare have bandied together to launch a new studio which aims to take gamers back to 1996, when 3D platformers were all the rage and Rare was the jewel in the UK's games development crown.

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fattyuk1268d ago

N64 era is back?

no its not

gamingpro1268d ago

U hope it's not. But don't worry it won't affect the broken mediocre crappy interactive movie games you like to play.

Just means gamers who prefer quality games with good gameplay can get their Fix as opposed to those weirdo's who are obsessed with sales.

BubbsyKong1268d ago

Dam straight they hope its not. I sold my Xbox One and my Ps4 just to get my funtastic fire orange console and all my favorite child hood games (Super Smash Bro's, Zelda, Dk 64, Concurs Bad Fur Day, Mario 64) .... I cant even name emm all :p So whats gunna happen to all these pay to play games and micro transaction? Their gunna be left in the trenches fighting to over come games (I mean actual non-broken, full games with non paid dlc and no other incentive to play, other than the fact that its so awsome that you and your friends cant leave the couch because you may miss that blink of an eye moment that we all loved before the online years slowly darkened our minds, consoles and homes) and yes some new games do deliver what I am talking about for example halo,gears of war and a few others but even they are sinking into the boat of the NEW AGE :( point to point im excited and every snes loving n64 fanboy who drools over great old titles such as myself would love, will love and cant wait to get their hands on what these guys are about to do to gaming!

( sorry for spelling and gramaticle errors, I am dislexic and do not mean to anger anyone with my horrible typing :P )

3-4-51268d ago

"What we are showing people is what seven guys in
three months have done, imagine what it will
look like further down the line.”

Can't wait to see it.

Summons751268d ago

It's great for them to back back in action. I'll be getting this on the WiiU since that is where I first played BK. Wonder if this game will knock BK out from being on of the best games ever made.

-Foxtrot1268d ago

I really don't care what platform it's on. I don't know why people would get a Wii U just to play this when it's coming on other consoles aswell.

If the Wii U had a N64 type controller I'd get it but it dosen't

Kevlar0091268d ago

"Rare's" coming back home.

Gamer7771268d ago

The Wii U controller(s) are far better for gaming in general than the N64 controller.

-Foxtrot1268d ago

I know but I don't see why people are always mentioning the Wii U when it's on all platforms

I was trying to say I understood if it had a N64 like controller and people wanted a nostalgia trip to the Banjo days when playing on this but obviously that's not the case.

TeamLeaptrade1268d ago

This is very exciting. I would love to see these devs make something great!

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The story is too old to be commented.