Yooka-Laylee reaches Kickstarter funding goal in under an hour

Yooka-Laylee may end up as one of the most-successful video game-related projects on Kickstarter. Playtonic just launched the campaign at 12 PM ET / 9 AM ET, and has already secured funding. The team was looking to raise £175,000 ($270,041) and that mark has already been surpassed.

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eagle211265d ago

The gaming community as a whole is amazing. Impressive indeed.

Kal-V31265d ago

oh my god. Ukulele, took me long enough! jeez

One-Shot1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Nice, I doubt I will back it now, but most likely will buy it when it's released.

wonderfulmonkeyman1265d ago

I'm having issues seeing the page: is it confirmed to be funded for all console formats, or are different consoles in later stretch goals?

RyanShutup1265d ago

XboxOne, WiiU, and PS4 releases are the last stretch goal of $1000000, it's well on it's way to achieving that tho, I wouldn't worry about it

One-Shot1265d ago

That's a stretch goal for day 1 with with steam release. All platforms are funded now.

One-Shot1265d ago

All formats, but as of right now different launch dates.

RyanShutup1265d ago

You're right! Thanks for correcting me above.

Summons751265d ago

It is confirmed and if they reach a million in support they will get released on the same day. They are already 600k, they will be there before the end of the day.

DasTier1265d ago

I don't think I like the character designs or animal choice :/ I'm sure they will fit contextually with the game, but they don't quite have the same appeal as Banjo, Conker, Crash, Donkey Kong & Spyro do.

hells_supernova1265d ago

I think that is because you haven't played it. Any of those characters without their legacy are just strange animal humanoid things. But within their universe they are incredible

TheLeapist1265d ago

I kinda agree. They're alright enough. I think if they gave the chameleon a little bit of clothing (a vest, or a necklace or pants or something) it could really help add some character.

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The story is too old to be commented.