The Witcher 3 On PS4 Looks Great, Footage Coming Next Week, New Gameplay Details

PS4 footage incoming next week.

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Hanuman1318d ago

Well that's a little late! Just sayin'.

UKmilitia1318d ago

well last time dev was asked he said its like HIGH on pc so fingers crossed its not got framerate issues etc.

madworld1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

agree with Hanuman,they should give us from early not before couple weeks of launching the game,hopefully the game will be gorgeous because I already pre ordered from PSN..and that was not very smart of me.

Dspdspes1318d ago

The Hype is strong in this one....

gameseveryday1318d ago

I think it will be an equivalent of High on PC except 4K and 60fps support ofc.

starchild1317d ago

I think that is pretty reasonable.

sssb1318d ago

Waiting for this footage since long time, we know PC is the best for the witcher 3 but we actually worry about PS4 version as well.

F0XHOUND1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

In games like this, what are the full differences between high and ultra settings?

Is it literally 1080p 30/60fps compared to 4k 60/120+fps? Or are textures and lighting and even extra effects actually considerably better? Ofcourse I expect the performance to be better that's a given and even comparible graphics at 4k must look fantastic, I just mean to the untrained eye, are things literally night and day visually? If not, it still seems like consoles are absolutely a viable platform to play stunning games on that just fall short to ultra PC's.

Don't shoot me down, I'm asking a question I'm interested in investing in an "ultra" PC, but I love my ps4 and I find its visuals to be great, I already know PC is "better" just wondered if its massively noticeable, seems consoles at least for 2015/16 have closed the gap. I'm wondering if PC's need another year yo push forward again before I get into it?

Duke191318d ago

Way more factors that weight in on deciding if its "better" or not. I don't even have a 4k rig, but games look significantly better on my 27inch monitor, at 1080p (with High/Ultra settings), than games on a 55" 1080p screen. (pixel density alone gives the better picture, and generally effects just look cleaner)

Its all subjective, but I did recently pickup GTA5 on PC, after playing the PS4 version and to me there is a day and night improvement and I imagine a game like the Witcher would be the same.

That said, I generally prefer to use my PS4 from the couch for everything except MMO's. Im going to be getting The Witcher 3 on PS4 (honestly could care less about seeing the screenshots beforehand)

edqe1318d ago

If The Witcher 3 would have made gaming PC in mind the difference would be enormous. TW3 is a console game designed played with controller and it shows and feels - of course it will sill look much better on PC.

oIITSBIIo1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I was a console gamer then I switched to PC gaming in 2011, since then I didn't play any console game until Bloodborne came out, I bought PS4 for it I was very excited to play the game, well the game itself is pretty good but when it comes to performance and graphics I must say I'm disappointed, I didn't think it will be that bad.
The easy way to tell the difference is to play on both platforms and see for yourself.

Sokol1318d ago

The art direction and atmosphere Bloodborne used for its purpose looks very nice in clear and sharp 1080p.

It wasn't meant to push visuals even though the game looks very good on its own.

starchild1317d ago


I think he is talking about things like anti-aliasing and framerate.

thereapersson1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

There are things that could be improved upon, but overall I'm satisfied with the output that Bloodborne achieves. Yes, the game could use Anti Aliasing - which it appears to use none, currently - as well as optimizing certain areas with regards to the frame rate / frame pacing. The game is so detailed and richly engrossing that I just don't mind it that much. It's still one of the best looking next-gen games released to this point.

If I'm looking for an engine that has been made for next-gen, I'm interested in what Capcom has to offer in Deep Down. Hopefully the game play on that one doesn't fall victim to the F2P stigma.

DC7771317d ago

Well give it time. It is a little disappointing so far but they are only dealing with a 7850 or so equivalent. In time devs will learn how to get the most out of the new console specs as they did at the end of last gen.

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Hellsvacancy1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I've been playing Shadow Of Mordoor on the PS3

No way can it look any worse than that, poor graphics/frame rate didn't really spoil my enjoyment of the game

I will play it again once I buy a PS4

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Father__Merrin1318d ago

I think witcher 3 will be great on ps4, I think it may be best version for the price of admission

F0XHOUND1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

PC is cheaper for the witcher 3 itself, assuming you own a good PC already lol. One perk once you're setup is cheaper games lol, just getting to a decent level beyond consoles costs a lot outright unless you know how to build yourself.

edqe1318d ago

Well, that's how it is. I bought ~200€ GPU to my 5 year old work PC and it runs games much better (like GTA V) than PS4 and other consoles.

Hanuman1318d ago

Edqe; How much RAM you got? I'm slinging 8 G's. Wanna start a club?

edqe1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

@Hanuman: Only 16G RAM but of course this is years old computer aleady.

DDR4 128G is quite tempting especially for work PC. Can't wait HBM GPU and Vulkan (or DX12). Fortunately we don't have to wait long anymore.

22CobraKing1318d ago

Cheap? You need a $1000+ to build a PC and with those that upgrade every year

F0XHOUND1318d ago


I've been looking around for a cheap gaming PC, not 100% it'd be a monster but for well under 1k I think it'd be pretty good and ahead of consoles.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHz Quad-Core Processor ($173.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Motherboard: ASRock B85 Anniversary ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ($63.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($59.99 @ Amazon)
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($47.99 @ NCIX US)
Video Card: HIS Radeon R9 290 4GB IceQ X² Video Card ($262.98 @ Newegg)
Case: Rosewill Galaxy-03 ATX Mid Tower Case ($49.99 @ Amazon)
Power Supply: XFX 550W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ($58.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Total: $717.92

Of course you can continue to upgrade forever.

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