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The cat - or should that be chameleon - is out of the bag. Fledgling UK studio Playtonic Games has lifted the lid on the stars of its début title - Yooka and Laylee - and has sent Rare-loving Nintendo fans into a frenzy of anticipation by confirming that the game will be coming to the Wii U eShop.
We were lucky enough to play an early build of the title formerly known as Project Ukulele when we visited Playtonic's offices recently, and we're happy to report that the old Rare magic is very much alive and well at the company. Below you'll find Damien and Thomas' impressions - based on a hands-on session with a build of Yooka-Laylee which amazingly is just three months old - so please do have a read and share your own impressions (and excitement) by posting a comment.

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Geobros1265d ago

Agreed. It reminds me old good days with banjo game...

darthv721265d ago

it looks fun. Others may say it looks to childish or simplistic. but that is what these guys were going for. Putting gameplay and fun factor above all else and molding the game around those key points.

i love it. there needs to be a return to this simpler time of when it wasnt about realistic graphics and blades of grass. when games were to play and you had fun playing them.

bouzebbal1265d ago

Between Ratchet & Clank and now this,, i cannot be any happier!
This is the Rare i remember!

opoikl1265d ago

They certainly got my attention, but this video also makes me realise what a great developer Naughty Dog is. I mean, all the building blocks are definitely there, but neither the art design, main characters, moves, music or collectibles hold a candle to the original Jak and Daxter. That game had heart and soul to spare compared to this early gameplay footage.

3-4-51265d ago

"What we are showing people is what seven guys in
three months have done, imagine what it will
look like further down the line.”

This game looks like a lot of fun.

I can see and hear so much of Banjo in that.

Really looking forward to this.

Kingdomcome2471265d ago

It sure does. For me personally, no other genre in gaming can provide the pure joy that is found in a great platformer. I hope that their Kickstarter reaches all of it's goals/stretch goals, so that this can make it's way to as many platforms as possible as I don't have a WiiU yet. I plan on getting one though, as there are quite a few reasons for me to buy the WiiU this year, and if this only releases on the WiiU that will be one more big reason to own one in my eyes.

jcnba281265d ago

Looks really good so far. The coins look like the c-stick buttons on the N64 controller, wonder if that would done intentionally.

Edvin19841265d ago

Buying it for sure this looks super cute my daughter will love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.