Playtonic launches £175k Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign | Eurogamer

Playtonic, the new developer founded by former Rare veterans, has launched its Kickstarter campaign for Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee.

The project has a crowd-funding goal of £175k, and a projected release window of autumn 2016.

The game's two stars have already been revealed. Yooka is a lovable-looking chameleon who can use his tongue to grapple across long distances and scoop up items to give himself different properties. Meanwhile, Laylee is a maniacal bat who hangs off Yooka's ears and carries him around levels. He can also use a sonar attack.

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Sheed1361d ago

That's it? wow, that's very inexpensive :o

-Foxtrot1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I really wished they didn't put multiplayer/co-op stuff into their stretch goals. There's three in that list, I mean it's their first kickstarter why not focus on making the best full on single player game you can and if it's successfull enough do all that stuff in the sequel.

Imagine how much bigger it could be if that money went on the single player game. Instead of five worlds we might of gotten 6 or 7.

Oh and I think it would be a nice nod to Banjo if Yooka got some pants, like Banjos yellows ones but in red. Banjos had the same colour of Kazooies beak so it would make sense to have Yooka's the same colour as Laylee's nose.

Summons751361d ago

Coop would be awesome. Think if in Banjo-Tooie when they split instead of leaving one behind and having to switch back and forth to solve a puzzle you could have a friend with you on the couch play instead. I think we are going to get a sizable game regardless and the coop is meerly going to be a splitting of characters and won't effect the size of the game at all.

Also I don't think Yooka needs pants, I like his design as is but if he needs to have clothes a red (to go with your suggestion) would be good so it wouldn't block his tail.

-Foxtrot1361d ago

If you have the money, the resources and more time the game can always be bigger. Take those stretch goals away and all that time and money you would of spent on them would be put towards more worlds

I'm not saying it shouldn't have it ever....just not this game when they are trying to get it off the ground.

Reason the Banjo games were so good were because they were massive single player focused games. To be honest single player goodness is why so many older games are better then newer ones these days

ColeMacGrath1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

"Reason the Banjo games were so good were because they were massive single player focused games."

Umm, the first two BK games were on N64, which is a system that basically didn't have online capabilities at all. We really haven't tried an online mode in a BK game (besides NaB which was focusing mostly on the vehicles aspect of the game, thankfully Yakoo Laylee seems to be focusing on platforming only) so Play Tonic might successfully create a fun online mode, as for the game's length I can name you a couple of games out of my head that consist of a lengthy single player mode and multiplayer. Let's just wait and see before we judge the game now shall we?

Zero1091361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I'm glad they are. Me and a lot of others wished BnK had co-op. Platformers are the perfect games for co-op. It's not like it's hurting the SP experience in any way. They're catering to SP and co-op gamers at once and doubt they won't reach that 1 mil goal either.

I've actually done coding and worked on games. So putting a "human player" input over an "AI" is fairly easy. A perfect ex would be in DMC3 when you fight with Vergil. The controls, programming, actions and etc are already in there. A human player can just take over and join in. Which is why a lot of people wanted co-op mode in DmC.

Just imagine if Batman AK, TW3, Darksiders, DmC, The Order and other SP games had co-op? It's not that much work to implement. Adding a friend just makes it more fun. And if you don't want to, you don't have to. This game gives you that choice, which is what really matters.

assassin2k1361d ago

My first ever kickstarter backing. And it's already well over 600k. Wonder what it will end on with 46 days to go?

Summons751361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I'm guessing 5 mill. :) It's already past 1 million!

WizzroSupreme1361d ago

Nice! The spirit of Banjo lives on!