Throwdown Ep. 33 – “The Mod Rules”

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Shortly after we recorded the last episode of Throwdown, a spark was ignited. A spark which caused a wildfire on the internet. What happened? Valve and Bethesda announced that they would begin to charge people for Skyrim mods on Steam. The folks were not happy and let their outrage be know. Even the former god Gabe Newell was vilified during this conflict which eventually ended with the termination of the paid mod system.

This situation forms the basis of our main topic. We talk about how things went wrong, what the community actually wants with regards to modders getting paid, and how companies should approach this in the future.

Other topics include: Silents Hills being cancelled, Mighty No. 9 coming to retail, E3's PC Gaming conference, and PS4's sales."

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Canipa2175d ago

Great discussion! The modding stuff definitely is a conflict. I mean, modders deserve to get paid but there's so many other factors involved. Weird to see Skyrim coming up again after so long.

Profexxion2175d ago

The modding stuff wasn't legitimately a problem, the roll out of the information surrounding it was atrocious and led to the problems.