E3 2015 Conference Schedule Begins To Take Shape

E3 2015 is rapidly approaching, and publishers and platform holders are beginning to announce their conference plans. GI will be updating this schedule as we get closer to the show and more details are revealed.

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JoeMcCallister1359d ago

Stupid grown up things are keeping me from attending the first year Bethesda, Square, and PC all doing their own bit shows. Sigh.

Simco8761359d ago

Grown up things should make you attend, since it's press only correct?

Mr Pumblechook1358d ago

I really want to watch the Bethesda conference live but it is so late for the UK and Europe. 3am/4am start time. :(

supraking9511359d ago

Sony best for last again :)

crazychris41241359d ago

I just wish they announce they are bringing the MGS 5 PS4 bundle to the west. That would make me so happy.

Izzy4081359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

EA going on the 15th means Ubisoft, Sony, & MS will probably also go on the 15th.

gangsta_red1359d ago

Seeing a lot of these 3rd part devs having their own shows, I hope that means the big 3 will only focus on their own exclusive games for their systems at their presentation.