Indie Developer Asked Notch to Give Her Money and the Minecraft Creator Wasn’t Happy About It

CraveOnline: "As one of the greatest success stories in the history of video games, Minecraft creator Markus Persson, better known as Notch, has also attracted his fair share of criticism. That criticism mostly revolves around his decision to not make a successor to Minecraft, and instead disappear into a $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills. But why shouldn’t he?"

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Army_of_Darkness1358d ago

Feed a stray cat once and it will keep coming back for more...

silvacrest1357d ago

the thing is, she was never fed

VealParmHero1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

the guy made his choice. its not like he made a life saving drug and then decided to just take it away. He made a game that many people love, now hes rich, and he just wants to relax. cmon, thats the dream. he doesnt need to be a bank or charity for other devs now. I do hope he at least donates to charities tho.

This pig thinks the world owes her something. walking cliche for everything our generation is criticized for.

ravinash1357d ago

If I was in Notch shoes, I'd set up a room with a bathtub filled with money and a web cam.
I'd email the link to her and say she's welcome to look at the money anytime she wants but she can't have any of it.

cynicismate1357d ago

Notch is frequently one of the highest paying humble bundle customers and contributes massive amounts to Kickstarter projects.

The irony of it all is that Notch quit games specifically because of people like her.

morganfell1357d ago


That is rather the point. If he fed her, then another would show up...and another...and another. It would never end.

You hit that first door to door salesman in the head with a no soliciting sign so all the others in the neighborhood do not even bother to walk up the drive and ring the bell.

Yi-Long1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Wow... she's crazy...

First being a huge jerk to/about Notch about Minecraft and how he's now lazy to not do any more games anymore.

He very respectfully replies to he.

She goes on being extremely disrespectful and immature, bragging how she's made so many games last year alone, while being 100,000 in debt(!) (way to go, crazy lady...(!) )

He still answers quite politely (although obviously with a cynical undertone, understandably)

And then she's begging/asking/demanding money to support her, her project, or because he has 'hurt' her on the internet, by bringing that(already public) conversation out in public(!).


She needs to follow the yellow path and hope there's a working brain waiting for her at the end of it, cause she's quite bonkers.

IF he'd be giving money away (and that should be completely up to him, and nobody else), I truly wish it would be to invest in helping actual people in dire situations who REALLY need all the help they can get. People living in the streets, people who have fled a war-zone, people with diseases who can't pay for treatment, children without parents who are outside all day sniffing glue, children stuck in the sex-industry, etc etc.

Not self-entitled crappy 'developers' who have nothing better to do than work themselves into debt while going online into angry insulting rants against people who actually made a great game, before demanding money from them.

subtenko1357d ago

#Gamergate #Feminism #EqualRights

*cue video*

Guy: It makes me sick seeing these woman play the female card and expect t get their way! I'm appalled!

Waiting for the Buzzfeed video XD

Syntax-Error1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It's always been like that. Women feel they are ENTITLED! They received the equal rights they fought for and they still want men to continue to support them while they receive the same wages and positions as men. How the hell does this make any damn sense? If a woman feels she's a mans equal then why should men continue to support them? It's like double dipping without giving anything back in return

If a single man makes his own meals, washes his own clothes, and cleans his own home, what does a woman feel is her role in his life and why does she feel she's entitled to ANYTHING? If a single woman takes out her trash, cuts her lawn, and takes her car to get an oil change, why does she feel that becomes a MANS JOB once she gets in relationship if she did it before meeting him? No one is entitled to sh*t...period

PoSTedUP1357d ago

she should have to pay him for this publicity stunt. how does he know her and why would he be replying to this ****head in the first place? she has the mentality of a dorito's corn chip.

freshslicepizza1357d ago

and that folks is how the internet has become. full of opinionated entitled idiots who keep thinking their opinion matters.

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garos821357d ago

This is the entitled cow at her finest. Anybody excusing this disgusting being is a moron

WeAreLegion1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Oh that poor woman. I can't imagine trying to get through life with that laugh.

And you know what? Arguing whether Minecraft or Terraria is better is ridiculous. Minecraft requires a lot more coding to implement changes. I can assure you, as someone who has worked on mods for both games, that Terraria is a piece of cake. That's why the developers have done more with it. They're also really cool people, but still. Minecraft is a lot more work.

DragonKnight1357d ago

Couldn't watch more than a minute of that. That annoying laugh. Geez.

garos821357d ago


i watched the entire thing and now i seriously think i may need professional help. tried to hear her out but she is really a shitty person

DragonKnight1357d ago

@garos82: My guess is that she's trying to pull of a Brianna Wu situation so she can cash in on Patreon, but she's impatient and stupid so she's just making herself look, well... stupid.

MacDonagh1357d ago

DK is on the money.

Watch when she uses the ire of gamers' comments to promote her agenda of being "oppressed".

_-EDMIX-_1357d ago

Whats kickstarter exist. If they want funding, show a concept and see if fans will fund such an idea. I can't stand this asking for money...just because.

The man doesn't need to give jack.

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3-4-51357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

* This is what Liberal Feminists wanted.

This is what you get.

Selfish entitled brats who think everyone has to do everything for them.

* This woman is delusional and I wouldn't be surprised if she is Bipolar.

* If your making multiple games in one year....they most likely aren't that good.

NO good game was made in a year....let alone in less time than that.

* People need to stand up against this liberal bullying.

They think they get to make anybody do whatever they want just because they are a woman, or trans,.?

Nobody knows who you are amber...nobody is marginalizing you......

Your crazy in the head woman. need to police yourselves better.

I want women to call out this woman publicly for making the rest of them in the industry look bad.

What she just did, does a HUGE disservice to women in the video games industry.

All the hard work women have done in the video games industry is going to be made a joke because of crazy woman like here.

Women gamers.....Please call her out for her BS.

If I...a guy do it....I'm just "hating on women".

Please police yourselves better.

Call out the BS'ers.....don't excuse this...

Subaruwrx1357d ago

So one woman's rant entitles you to go off on a rant against women, liberals, feminists and people with mental health issues? Imo, the actions of one person should not be used as an excuse to criticize billions of people just because of their gender, political affiliations and mental health status.

sarshelyam1357d ago

Idiots are people who misuse feminism as a derogatory attachment.

Feminism isn't what she displays here, nor is it something you should so flagrantly attach any time you want to make someone, especially a woman, seem entitled and in the wrong.

The only things you can fault her for are harassing Markus Persson, and asking for a handout.

DragonKnight1357d ago

"Feminism isn't what she displays here, nor is it something you should so flagrantly attach any time you want to make someone, especially a woman, seem entitled and in the wrong."

Yes it is. It's what it has become, and most feminists are the most privileged people around.

SilentNegotiator1357d ago

I'm underprivileged and marginalized. I'm gonna need a million bucks.

cynicismate1357d ago

Nowhere, in any of this, does anyone or anything refer to feminism.

I'm pretty sure a women can argue for more representation of female sluts in gaming and you'd still call her a feminist.

cynicismate1357d ago

:the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

If you agree with this, you are literally a feminist. Doesn't matter what gender you are.

Can we stop calling insane women feminists? It's no different than name-calling a man misogynist. It's not fair for anyone.

CowbopBeboy1357d ago

" need to police yourselves better."

Wow. Listen to yourself. One person isn't representative of an entire gender.

3-4-51357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It's connected and you know it.

Stop reasoning why it's ok.

Stop trying to justify why it's ok.

It's wrong and you know it.

It's wrong for everyone...not just certain people.

Equality....remember.....that is what you wanted.

Take the good with the bad.


@ Cowboy - She's/he isn't the only one doing this and you know it.

It's been a trend lately.

Learn to connect the dots.

Obviously not all of any one kind of person does everything....

That is obvious.

This is like the 200th "issue" we've heard about this bullcrap in the news in the past 1-2 years and you know it.

* N4G has been full of it....

* It's the same type of human being, weather women or man, black or white, young or old, that does this crap.

And if everyone would actually call each other out for it, we'd all be better off.

No possible way I could be 100% right.....I realize that, but I'm definitely close......

Close enough that it's worth being said.

* We have a lying female running for president but she gets a free pass because she is a women.

THAT is the kind of stuff that is happening and it's women like this woman, here who are trying to take advantage of that.

* Plenty of hard working intelligent women earned there way in the video games industry.

They didn't have to demand money from some other successful person.

MacDonagh1357d ago

@cynicsmate "Can we stop calling insane women feminists? It's no different than name-calling a man misogynist. It's not fair for anyone."

"Feminism is built on believing women's accounts of sexual use and abuse by men." -- Catharine MacKinnon

"Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women's bodies." -- Andrea Dworkin

And yet they are taught in universities and appreciated by feminists for being "revolutionary". Feminism is a dangerous ideology that forces it's adherents to adopt a victim mindset, blaming everything on a patriarchy that doesn't exist.

The fact of the matter is that whether or not this person is male or female is irrelevant. A despicable human being is a despicable human being and she aught to really get help for the mental issues that she is clearly suffering.

Or perhaps she's doing it for those sweet, sweet Patreon bucks.

Nothing surprises me at this point.

FamilyGuy1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I find it odd that you're blaming all women for something a transgendered person said/did.

Such a person hardly speaks for any individual sex. Whether they like it or not they are a combination and I don't think "all" women or "all" men, "all" feminist, "all" female game devs or even a majority of any crowd thinks this way.

In the video she shows herself to be a hypocrite. She claimed that she only worked hard to get enough money for her facial surgery, making 250k a year, and then literally stopped trying so hard because she had enough money for it. Why should Notch keep working hard then?

Everything about the video and tweets make me associate her with one thing: An internet Troll

Farmassy1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

345 is being ridiculous. Somehow this lady being ridiculous is connected to Hillary Clinton? And you think Hillary Clinton gets away with lying because she is a woman? First of all, she isn't getting away with anything. No one has any proof of wrongdoing. Also, the media is all over that story so you are just wrong. Also, there are SO MANY male politicians that are caught lying and NOTHING happens to them. If anything you have proved the opposite of your point because the only reason you have a problem with her is because she is a woman. You are absolutely delusional

I agree that those quotes are incredibly ridiculous but that would be like me blaming all conservatives when rush Limbaugh or bill oreilly says something incredibly offensive. When rush Limbaugh says Michael j fox is faking his Parkinson's I don't say, "I wish conservatives would lay off Michael j fox." Instead I think that rush Limbaugh is an a$$ and move on

MacDonagh1357d ago

@Farmassy "I agree that those quotes are incredibly ridiculous but that would be like me blaming all conservatives when rush Limbaugh or bill oreilly says something incredibly offensive."

There's a massive difference in radical feminism being taught in higher education and right-wing ideologues breathing molten horse dung. The fact being that radical feminism isn't held to any level of scrutiny whatsoever while Limbaugh and O'Reilly are old, racist white men who make controversial statements in order to make their living. Not to mention that their idiotic points of view aren't taught in higher education.

The word "Conservative" may as well be a slur at this point and while you may personally not judge every Conservative from what a fool like O'Reilly says, but let's not pretend for a moment that Liberals "know" better.

"When rush Limbaugh says Michael j fox is faking his Parkinson's I don't say, "I wish conservatives would lay off Michael j fox." Instead I think that rush Limbaugh is an a$$ and move on."

You know what's really messed up? We're talking about politics on a game forum. We have crossed that bridge now that politics have polluted our pathetic hobby and a certain group of liberals,(not in the classical sense) have taken it upon themselves to make games "better".

The person who's involved in this kerfuffle with Notch is merely a symptom of a much larger problem at hand that is affecting the gaming industry at large.

morganfell1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )


A long time ago the word imbecile was used to refer to an individual that was mentally disabled or possessed a prominent mental handicap. So did the word idiot. Those words have chanmged and evolved over the years to encompass new definitions of a negative aspect.

The word feminism is similarly evolving. It is no longer isolated to the definition you provide but instead now bears direct negative connotations. The fact that sites are unprepared to publish the current societal uses of the word, likely out of fear of branding or reprisal, is in and of itself an ironic testament of the negative aspects of feminism.

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CaptainObvious8781357d ago

I wonder if he'll be branded a misogynist that's perpetuating rape culture.

Christopher1357d ago

A person who admits in her video to having made $250k a year in the past complaining that she doesn't understand why someone has all this money and then asks them for said money to fund their games while calling herself "bottom rung"?

This is delusion. Not much else you can say other than she needs to stop looking at the successes of others and thinking that she deserves the same.

Though, I will say, this woman belongs on the Internet. Her logic fits right in with the typical troll mentality on the Internet.

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BiggerBoss1358d ago

That lady is either trolling or messed up in the head

SpiralTear1357d ago

Messed up. This person has acted this way before on multiple accounts. Not worth Notch's time.

HammadTheBeast1357d ago

She's one of those Tumblr snowflakes who most people on Tumblr hate, they have these weird self-diagnosed mental conditions which they seem to think make them special and they seem to think that they are entitled to something from other people for it.

SilentNegotiator1357d ago

I'm a polymorpheus-sexual monkey beast from the planet mars, possessed by the spirit of rock and roll, with obsessive compulsive itching and breathing disorder. Your comment about tumblr has offended me. I will be reported this hate crime to the mods!


Jalva1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Now we'll get a thousand articles about her for the next few weeks on here.

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Concertoine1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I wouldve done the same thing as Notch if i was this successful. I mean disappear into a huge mansion. Because crap like this probably happens to him every day

Majin-vegeta1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

lol I'm sorry but she/he is a pathetic dev.Notch doesn't have to do squat for he/she.He created that game and made money off it he is able to do what he wants.GTFO

CowbopBeboy1358d ago

He/she? That's pretty offensive to trans folk. She's a human, and regardless of whether or not you disagree with her, should not be branded as some sort of sub-human.

yarbie10001358d ago

The human was born a he and later became a she. How is he/she offensive? Some people will want to reflect her gender based on how the human was born and with what genitalia is between the legs. Some will reflect the way the human wishes it were born.

Some people just look for reasons to be offended.

nikrel1357d ago

I've always heard the term " Shim " this seems the most politically correct.

HammadTheBeast1357d ago

How would you refer to idk how to put it, that person?

ThunderPulse1357d ago

@nikrel lol people use those for lock picking

Christopher1357d ago

I don't see how not knowing which gender to refer to her as and therefore using both means he's branding her as sub-human.

N0TaB0T1355d ago

Stop being so paranoid, or you'll lose all your teeth...

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Dasteru1357d ago

He>She = Chopper
She>He = Strapper

Hate me all you want.

ChrisGTR11357d ago

LOL!!! first time ive ever heard these terms , lol.

voodoochild3461357d ago

Well that's cleared up. No more sleepless nights for me. Lol.

CowbopBeboy1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

EDIT: was supposed to reply to another commenter. No way to delete messages on here. Excellent.