Game Of The Year 2015 contenders so far: don't let these great games slip under your radar

Dealspwn: "Game Of The Year? In May?

I know, it seems bizarre, but there's method in my madness. Every year we get to GOTY season, submit our nominations, hand out our awards and then spend weeks painfully facepalming because we've missed out loads of sensational contenders from the first third of the year. Considering that so many games release over Christmas, it's all to easy to get overwhelmed and forget about some of the under-appreciated gems that released in Spring.

Not this year. Not on my watch. Now we're a third of the way through 2015, here are the Game Of The Year challengers so far: the games that we absolutely have to give due credit once voting season comes around. And, it must be said, the games you should probably be playing."

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bggriffiths1319d ago

Good spread of releases for people that have ALL the consoles and a top notch PC. Just Bloodborne standing out for me so far on PS4.

Blues Cowboy1319d ago

Dying Light's worth a punt on PS4 too. Would recommend DS2: Scholar even if it's technically a remaster/remix.

guitarded771319d ago

Yeah, but is it really GOTY material? So far Bloodborne is the front runner IMO. GTAV was last year's game, so it shouldn't be a contender.

But there are still some monster games coming this year including Zelda. I think if any game can top Bloodborne, it would ne Zelda.

Spinal1319d ago

Dying light definitely deserves to be on that list.

I think Witcher 3 is gonna certainly be game of this year so far.

Also as much as I'm enjoying gta 5 on my PC. I don't think it should be considered as a game of the year as it came out two years ago.

I don't think any remadters should be considered game of the year. Only new releases for that year.

Alexander1Nevermind1313d ago

I'm waiting for the Witcher 3. So far Bloodborne has my vote. Ori was pretty good as well (PC).

jb2271318d ago

I know Shovel Knight was a 2014 title but playing it for the first time on PS4 has been one of my personal favorites. Haven't played a lot this year besides the free titles & The Order and Bloodborne would absolutely destroy me w/in a half hour so as much as I'd love to try it out, I know it would be pretty futile. Shovel Knight hits my sweet spot of being borderline frustratingly difficult but not insurmountable.

UC4 would've taken my nod most definitely but that's out of the way. Arkham Knight would be second in line but I'm one of the few not excited about the process of Dual Play as the title so far has been solely about Batman's journey & I'd like to end it that way as well. Fine w/ the other characters being present but it seems like it'd be awkward to have them hanging around the whole game waiting for me to tag them in, assuming that's the way this system works. Only other way I could see it working is having the characters appear out of thin air, and that's just as bad. Not to mention the horrible season pass business…all of the good will the previous games built has been broken pretty bad w/ those 2 bits of news. Also there's the whole business of losing Paul Dini as writer, so I was already expecting the story to be lackluster compared to the other 2, but now the gameplay could suffer as well so that's a big concern. Still looks amazing and I'm hoping my concerns are totally unfounded, at the end of the day I'm sure I'll enjoy it to some degree, just wondering how it'll stack up w/ the other installments (aside from Origins).

Kingdomcome2471319d ago

I personally feel as though Ori is more than deserving of a mention at this point in the year. There are too many potential great games coming out over the course of the year for it to end up being truly considered at year's end, I imagine, but through the first quarter of the year I don't see how you could leave it off of the list.

tinynuggins1319d ago

Ori is my game of the year so far but it's still early.

Duke191319d ago

Hell I own GTA 5 on PC, but even I don't think it should win GOTY. GOTY should be for a game that gives you a new experience, not just updated graphics. A remaster can't do that.

As much as I enjoyred Bloodborne, I have higher hopes for a few titles coming out later this year that will be the true GOTY. (Witcher 3 perhaps?)

MGSmarioPRO1319d ago

When someone tells me GOTY 2015 i can only think in a battle between MGSV and Witcher 3. Two beasts AAA that are coming in full force and can't see any other game approaching their status this year.

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