IGN: E3 '08: Gran Turismo Q&A

At this year's E3, IGN had the pleasure of sitting down with Kazunori Yamauchi, the founder of Polyphony Digital and creative mastermind behind the studio's Gran Turismo franchise. The focus of the show for Polyphony was the full rollout of GT TV, the "television" channel built into Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Besides finding out about this portion of the game, IGN was also able to find out the status of the damage patch for Prologue as well as the current progress of Gran Turismo 5.

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NO_PUDding3746d ago

Is this GT TV free?

If it's free and GT5 isn't gonna be out for a while, and there's DLC and there's damage coming then..... consider me sold.

PoSTedUP3746d ago

hell yea. my 40 bucks just went a whole lot further with more cars, tracks, races, features and of course damage which cant get here soon enough.

crank3746d ago

Great to hear I have enough on my card to buy.... this game will obviously be the end all debate racing game of the year when it comes out.

Forza who?