Will Cyberpunk Be The Next Hot Gaming Trend?

With a number of quality cyberpunk infused games launching in the near future, Grab It Magazines discusses whether cyberpunk is the next big thing in gaming.

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JoeMcCallister1318d ago

I think it's a natural step, with so much in the way of sci-fi infiltrating the COD series, and I welcome it. There are some seriously cool stories that could be told with the cyberpunk backdrop, I just hope they don't all go for the gritty, grisly voiced, dystopia vibe.

thorstein1318d ago

I seriously hope so.

And I also hope for a more comprehensive Shadowrun game.

SlappingOysters1318d ago

It's a great setting with plenty to explore, no doubt. But I think Zomnbies will keep ruling the roost for a while yet (not that I'm particularly happy about it).

shipnabottle1318d ago

I'm interested to see what CD Projekt Red come up with. Hopefully something a bit more fleshed out than just the usual dark rainy city streets filled with world weary cyberpunk characters.

Interesting article but I'm finding it a stretch to say that an entire genre such as cyberpunk is comparable to trends like using pirates or zombies. Cyberpunk has never gone away, it's just a good solid sub-genre of scifi to work within.

I can highly recommend Gibson's latest novel The Peripheral. So many wonderful concepts in there and he doesn't treat the reader like an idiot. It's nice not having everything spelled out for you.

SlappingOysters1318d ago

On a side note, if you're into your dingy futuristic settings, check out the indie Metrocide. Very cool, if tough, little gem.

Solidbrod1314d ago

Got a chance to play that at the EB Expo last year. Very cool game.