Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Review - A Charming Remaster of an RPG Classic | COG

COG writes - Previously only available in North America on the PS2 and PlayStation Portable, we check out the PC version which includes features that modernize the original gameplay, a brand new translation, the ability to warp between checkpoints, an optional Catastrophe Mode and much more.

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Magnus1265d ago

Please bring this to PSN and XBL

G3n3raL861265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Ys: Origin made me fan of the series. Gonna get'em all:)

isarai1265d ago

Never played one till Ys Memories of Celceta on Vita. Easily the best experience on the Vita IMO. definitely scratches that Zelda itch for me since i don't own a Nintendo handheld yet. can't wait for that sequel that was announced last year

blackblades1264d ago

Ah my 1st ys game, I enjoyed it a lot. Still bothered that I couldn't get to that chest in one of those caves.

Articuno761264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Still working my way through this one but not really enjoying it. The game bounces back and forth between being too hard or laughably easy, rarely settling into a sweet spot (for reference I'm playing on Hard as I did for Origins and Ys 7).

How well you do is determined far too much by stats rather than skill/reading enemies. That's an issue Oath in Felghana and Origins had, but even then they would still hit that sweet spot where boss battles made you sweat bullets to a guitar-laden OST. And even when you were slightly underlevelled it always felt possible... if you just tried one (or ten) more times.

No such luck here: if you aren't strong enough it's extremely apparent and no amount of "playing well" gets you around that. Bosses feel like there's no real technique to them, and often it's about figuring out one little trick (and having the right stats) and you're set. And often the trick turns out to be nonsensical and really arbitrary (oh, hitting the LEFT hand is easier...).

IMO a grindy bore. You fight your way through enemies for the sake of being able to be strong enough to do the same on another wave of enemies. Think about that: you're grinding for the sake of being able to grind some more. And don't even get me started on the design sin that is allowing bosses to score luck-determined critical hits.

It's certainly getting better towards the end (just beat Elizabeth) but so far easily the weakest of the 3D + sprites era of Ys games.