NEW: SOCOM Confrontation 5 Minute Gameplay Video

A new 5 minute gameplay video of SOCOM Confrontation for the PS3.

Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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jwatt3840d ago

Ive been following this game for a while, I'm getting really hyped for it. You can tell that added most of the sound effects for the guns because in the old videos they sound like crap. I hope they continue to work hard on the game before it's released.

andrewf913840d ago

@ G4 in the background and sweet vid looks badass

LevDog3840d ago

God that guy was horrible playing.. Im super hyped about this game.. but its super annoying watching these people that are terrible at socom play it.. But its looking halla good.. I cant wait

Hydrolex3839d ago

I love online games like that.

arakouftaian3840d ago

it look just like mgo pls people who has mgo n have play this game before elt me know why should i get thsi game it look just like mgo whit better maps...

Rockwallaby3839d ago

looks to have a bit more speed than MGO

CaliGamer3839d ago

I think you gave yourself a reason when you said better maps, that is one reason.
Socom is a different type of game. There is no chocking or sneaking in boxes here, just fast paced tactical action. Think of it as something akin to counter strike. MGO is great, I play it everyday, but SOCOM is one of my favorite games of all time.
Just keep an eye on it bro, and if you like military shooters in the least then you should really be interested in this.
I am sure some other can confirm my assertions.

kevin11223839d ago

socom blows away mgo, get the game and you will understand.

PoSTedUP3839d ago

but i couldnt buy a console that doesn't have SOCOM- HoO! RaH!

omg i f*ck*n love this game man. #2 socom fan : P

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The story is too old to be commented.