War Thunder Hits 9 Million Players as Victory Day Update 1.70.1945 Arrives

VRFocus reports on the news that virtual reality (VR) compatible online action title War Thunder has passed the 9 million player mark with a new update out.

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MRMagoo1231264d ago

One of THE best free to play games around imo and it keeps getting better.

Koopdogg1262d ago

While you are totally correct ,it is one of the best F2P games out there and blows WOT out of the water.

It does however have many flaws ,VR being one of them,BR and MM another.It can be a very frustrating game at times !!!
They strive for historical accuracy ,which is way off in my opinion!!!
But again its F2P and if you dont take the game seriously,its a blast to play :)

Im just looking forward to sea warfare being released