Sony Ending HMZ Line With Project Morpheus Looming

VRFocus reports on the news that Sony will be ending its HMZ line of personal viewers with the release of the Project Morpheus HMD incoming.

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DEEBO1318d ago

I hope you can do both,regular viewing and VR.
That will nail it.

CiliCanadian1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Here is the correct link

I suspect that they will make Morpheus capable of acting as personal display.

Can you image the enormous market if Morpheus can be used as a personal movie TV, PRIVATE computer screen, display for ANY HDMI device (including competitor consoles, PS3, PS TV, TV top boxes, blue ray, etc).

Obviously used on other device than PS4 it would not be a VR screen, just a personal screen (until driver/support for other devices would be developped which may never happen, thought it is likely unofficial ones would be made for PC). That still mean a big market.

Which in turn could sell more PS4 and more PS4 related software. If people buy Morpheus for other uses and don't have a PS4, buying a PS4 would then mean using the Morpheus to it's full potiental (for VR).

That also removed the burden of those saying that they won't buy Morpheus because they fear that it won't be supported. Even if Sony drop the ball on support, then Morpheus would still be usable as a display (and as such not wasted money).

If that's truly the case (Morpheus as a personal display for any HDMI source) then I am sure it will be a HUGE success by itself and increase the already impressive PS4 sales.

Pinkdolphinyfg1317d ago

I just hope its affordable the hmz t3 headset runs for about 1,000$ and its using less advanced technology than the morpheus.

Dario_DC1317d ago

Everyone should try these! My ex had the T1 and it's amazing, was my tv everytime I went to her place. So immersive and the 3D was perfect.
Really hope we can use Morpheus as a screen too.

HRoach6161317d ago

Hopefully this means a release date will be announced soon along with pre orders.

Clover9041317d ago

We'll be seeing a lot of Morpheus at E3, with Sony promising to show their 'real' VR games at the event.