Mortal Kombat X : First Infinite Combo

Watch how to do infinite combo in Mortal Kombat X in the tutorial video.Don’t forget to checkout GTA 5 unbelieavable stunts collected from all over the world.

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Myst-Vearn1358d ago

That's not really a good thing ;/

die_fiend1358d ago

Well no, but if you can pull of a combo like this to begin with, you're not going to need to exploit the game as you're a killah.

You need to be pretty damn pro to pull this off online against a decent human being.

KingDustero1358d ago

Where in the video is the infinite combo? All I see are simple 30%-40% ones. Article is full of bull.

Septic1358d ago

I dont see the infinite combo at all. The article doesn't even mention where it starts.

fardan851358d ago

This is no infinite combo, I've done a more damaging combos then this guy.
In case someone is interested,here's the link.

LackTrue4K1358d ago

last night i was using torr (without Ferra on my back)
and i was able to keep my opponent in the air with simple 3 upper cuts.

And i think i could of been able to keep it up, if i wanted too.

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Saladin4161358d ago

arent there combo breakers?

affrogamer1358d ago

yea but u need the X-ray meter to break it!

jetlian1358d ago

the xray meter goes up faster for the person getting hit. it will get to level 2

q8kik1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

This game had no beta tests and no location tests...broken stuff were bound to be there.

I said the same thing a while ago and people nearly crucified me.

Oh and Quan chi is also broken with his stupid infinite meter replenishing BS. Infinite meter!! what a load of bull


Ummm where's the infinite combo?

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xxzerkerrxx1358d ago

"This game had no beta tests and no location tests."

the game was tested by a lot of championship players, and the result is a game pretty much balanced

aside from some few bugs and errors, the game is just fine.

im sure they will patch this.

q8kik1358d ago

Yea I'm sure they will patch these bugs too.

It's just that prefer a finished product instead of relying on the consumer to tell them what's wrong with the game.

Seriously, most big fighters have thousands(not just a handfull of pro players) attending the location tests to sort out every problem before launch. Look at T7 for the most recent example.

And these "few" bugs caused many problems already.

-The online tournaments are a pain the ass, you'd have to change your strats for online play and not play the way you do if the netcode was good or when you play offline.

-Quan chi is completely banned from many tournaments like ESL(online) and Northwest Majors(offline) already because he's broken.

OutLaw1358d ago

So now 14 to 15 hits is infinite? I thought I was going to see a video from beginning of the match to the last hit non stop.

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The story is too old to be commented.