Halo 5 Will Be Optimized To Xbox One Capabilities; Studio Head On Visuals & Frame-Rate, Hints E3

343's Studio Head Josh Holmes talks about the balance between visual fidelity, clarity and frame-rate. Holmes also stated that the next big-content reveal for Halo 5 will be at the E3 2015.

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MultiConsoleGamer1269d ago

I'm expecting this game to be the big, flagship title for Microsoft at E3. I'm also betting we'll get a Halo 5 bundle, which is almost confirmed.

But what I'd really like to go along with it is a fixed / updated version of Master Chief collection with all the massive patches and fixes included in the new package.

VER1ON1269d ago

You mean an ultimate edition for The MCC alongside a Halo 5 Xbox One bundle? The Halo 5 bundle was recently confirmed by 343. Unfortunately not showed yet.

Of course Halo has always been Xbox's flagship I.P. Starting on the original Xbox to the 360 and now the Xbox One.

StrayaKNT1269d ago

Like all games this gen if you want 1080p it won't hit a locked 60fps (it's very hard) Forza 5 did it but I guess it would be easier for racing games.

But what's more important is the framerate so I will be more than happy for halo 5 to be 900p/60fps. The beta looked amazing the effects were top notch so if it's anything like the Beta then I'm a very happy man :)

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Kal0psia1268d ago

Yes, if it's visual fidelity from the new rendering features in Dx12, then no doubt it should be a gorgeous game performing very smoothly. Scale, high texture detail at 60 frame rates should be amazing!

Christopher1269d ago

Wait, isn't this for all exclusive titles like this? Aren't all exclusives optimized to their console's capabilities? How is this somehow not known? Did people think Halo 5 would finally be that one title that would not utilize what it could of the Xbox One?

DragonbornZ1269d ago

The title is a bit weird.

Dlacy13g1269d ago

@christopher the answer to your questions is in your actions. Did you click on the article and read it? If you did, then you know why they titled it the way they did...if you didn't then their title didn't work.

In related but unrelated news... Uncharted 4 will be optimized for the PS4 **click here**

Christopher1269d ago

I read the article, but, honestly, the title is just too dumb for me to comprehend why they didn't put something more meaningful there. I mean, even something like "Halo 5 to deliver more detail" or the like would make more sense than what was utilized and would get just as many hits.

VER1ON1269d ago

In all honesty I just titled it this way in line with what Josh Holmes said. Not intended to cause confusion or anything. Feel free to edit the title to something more suitable if needed. Apologies though.

Fro_xoxo1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

The title is actually perfect.

I read the article. It basically talks about optimization.

So I don't see what's wrong with it or why you're apologizing.

The underlying issue here is probably because the article is about Halo and Xbox ONE

hasamalaha1269d ago

No the underlying issue is ... No shit Microsoft's biggest franchise in their history will be optimized for their system. We wouldn't expect anything else.

ThePope1268d ago

Don't take this the wrong way. But you really need to proof read that article. It's kind of a mess.

Christopher1268d ago

***The underlying issue here is probably because the article is about Halo and Xbox ONE***

How does that make any sense? At what point did I say anything negative about the Xbox One or Halo 5?

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PaulFiend1269d ago

"Halo 5 Will Be Optimized To Xbox One Capabilities"
well, ofc it will be, it's xbone exclusive after all...

RiPPn1269d ago

Water is wet.. news at 11.

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