The Big E3 PC Disappointment

So much could have happened, for example Microsoft could have quite as easily solved its dying Games for Windows label; make a few announcements regarding new games and new features to the label, but nope. None was to exist. The last 2 years before this E3 had quite a far bit of news, with games being previewed and lots given to look forward to. But of course Microsoft had a reason to push gaming on the PC, Vista.

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JsonHenry3744d ago

Did I miss something? PC gamers have to wait until August when all the European countries do their gaming expos.

Unless you are a company like Id or Blizzard which host their own massive events. (you know, because PC gaming is so dead that individual companies can afford to throw their own events)

Your consoles are imitating our PCs. Not the other way around. And there is a reason for that - PC gaming is a better experience.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Well of course PC gaming is being pushed aside. Would you want to create games for a mass of gamers who would most likely rip you off by torrenting and d/l the game you spent thousands of hours on creating? There is only money in MMO's because they require you to pay monthly fees, I know this because I play WoW often. But if you release a game that, the day of release, can be ripped and shared, you lose out on a sale hence, you lose money and thus, a deficit for number of those who play the game to those who actually purchased it exists..which downright pi$$es developers off. Console gamers have to buy their games and cant download them without paying, yet...(shifty eyes)...

EDIT: I like the picture of this thread haha, has anyone';s key ever popped out like that? LOL!!

Aclay3744d ago

Console Gaming > PC Gaming.

Tomdc3744d ago

so true... bubbles for you!

VirusE3744d ago

I love pc gaming but anyone with eyes can see that you are indeed correct:(. Gfx card prices have just gotten out of control. I remember paying 315usd for a geforce ddr the day it came out and it was the top dog card. Now the top end cards cost 5-600 and you need 3 of them.

andyboy133744d ago

I know you can buy a graphic card for $500 easily but something like a radeon 4850 will beat an 8800 easily and can be had for $165 bucks right now

So to say graphic cards are way overpriced is wrong. I just wanted to throw that out there as a defense for PC gaming. I only game on PC, but I still recognize that console is destroying us right now. What we need is for some really great new titles to come out for pc, otherwise, all we will have left is mmo games.....

Bob Dole3744d ago

Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, uh.... Rage? Bob Dole hopes he can play Rage at Quakecon this year!

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3744d ago

Bob Dole is right, more people should listen to the advice of Bob Dole

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TheIneffableBob3744d ago

I hear Microsoft are going to make some big PC announcements at their Gamefest 2008 event starting July 22.

Wayward3744d ago

Yeah, I here that to. Resonance-Gaming is going to be there, so I hope it's something big! My guess is making games for windows a 100% free service, no more paid crap.

Bob Dole3744d ago

Good luck, that's about as likely as XBL being free.

Kami3744d ago

pc is dying. i hope someone makes something to innovate the platform

Wayward3744d ago

Er.. thanks for adding to the debate, it's always nice to hear intelligent comments!

Dick Jones3744d ago

Nothing to debate, just summarizing my many feelings on the topic of PC gaming in one pithy E rated remark.

Bob Dole3744d ago

Games are better on PC. PC's are just waaay more expensive. Bob Dole has never played a game that was better on a console than the PC. Sure there might be a select few, but consoles aren't going to have Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

TheIneffableBob3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

A gaming PC is more expensive than a typical console, but it's not as much as everybody makes it out to be. I'd say $600 at the very least to build a gaming-capable PC that will play everything at a good frame rate. Around $800 to $1,000 to build a very powerful PC that will play everything at pretty much max settings, give or take a few things. You just have to know where to shop, which takes a bit more work than simply deciding on which console SKU to buy. But I think the end result is worth it. I certainly have more fun with my PC than I do with my consoles.

But if you have the money, definitely go with both PC and console gaming. There's no point in being a fanboy. :)

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