Honestly, Did Everyone Really Expect PS4 To Do This Well?

PlayStation 4 is a hit. But if you turn back the clock, did you really expect this sort of result? Right around 2012, it didn't seem all that likely.

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Germany71267d ago

After the great exclusives released for PS3 in the last years, and the E3 conference that revealed the price and no used games policy, you could expect a lot of sales.
Consoles are doing pretty well, PS4 with these incredible numbers and Xbox One breaking the record of the Xbox 360, even after all the propaganda against consoles in general.

Majin-vegeta1267d ago

As a hardcore PS fan.No way I ever thought it would do this well.I thought the sales would be about even for both sides.

die_fiend1267d ago

When Xbone was announced it was the worst thing ever. Showing off a massive VCR looking box whose main USP was that it played TV (like anyone didn't have TV?), barely anything on games and all the power reserved for Kinect. As an MS fan before, I was appalled and so I'm not surprised it's tanking. Unless they finally bring out a good game on the console, I'll never pick one up.

crazychris41241267d ago

I knew the new consoles would do well but nothing like this. Over 22 million for PS4 and close to 15 million for the X1 is just insane. Loving my X1 and hope to get the MGS 5 PS4 bundle once Sony wakes up and announces it for the West.

BitbyDeath1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

15M is a bit of a stretch no?
In comparison of this last quarter Sony shipped 3.8M (PS4).
MS shipped 1.6M (XB1+360).

MS might be near/at 13M shipped, given they were near 10M shipped last Nov and shipped less than 1.6M XB1 over the past 3 months.

crazychris41241267d ago

I said close, I saw 1 site say around 13, 1 say around 14 and one around 14.5

thanhgee1267d ago


I'm 99% sure those sites have fake numbers rofl

The only place you should get your numbers from are the manufacturers themselves.

nix1267d ago

Even MS' shipped numbers are less than Sony's sold numbers.

Oh... What a day.. What a day..


1267d ago
Qrphe1267d ago

Honestly know, I didn't see either consoles doing better than the last particularly with how well mobile seemed to be doing. Now mobile isn't looking so well and PS4 is on its way to hit 100M. Crazy

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The story is too old to be commented.