Deus Ex creator's not a fan of Mankind Divided's violent trailer

Deus Ex director Warren Spector is a bit concerned about the reveal trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The video, which premiered along with the game's official debut earlier this month, introduces Adam Jensen's new occupation as a cyborg terrorist hunter, and shows off his expanded capacity for augmented asskicking - that last bit Specter wasn't so enthusiastic about.

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RpgSama1357d ago

You can finish the game any way you want, it's already being said that much and Human Revolution almost did this as well (with the exception of the outsourced Boss Battles).

Does the trailer looks violent? YES, but we live in a world where if you don't promote your games like this you won't get much sales judging by the most successful games every year, the important thing is that when you play it you DO have the choice to do the silent run or not, whatever you fancy.

Gwiz1357d ago

I don't know where Spector has been for the last 10 years
but it's pretty common for any game to have some spectacle
in it's trailers.The crowd that played Deus Ex back in the day are not the same as the newer generation.That being said i'm not saying
it's the trailer that made me excited for the game,on the contrary the announcement alone was enough to me.

nchizimbi1357d ago

I agree with you, Gwiz. I played Deus Ex back in 2002... I loved it, and it instantly became my favorite game of all time. The Deus Ex Human Divided trailer did what it did, and it got me EXCITED.

curtis921357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

As someone in another post pointed out... The original game's first trailer wasn't lacking in violence.

Edit: that's actually the ps2 version

MasterD9191357d ago

He's been complaining about the violence in most games for years. This is the same guy that did Epic Mickey, so it's easy to understand why he feels the way he does. Frankly, he's out of touch with the majority of gamers today.