Amiibo Prices Double, Are They Even Worth It?

Pixel Gate UK writes:

''As the Amiibo fever continues to spread, it seems even the retailers are starting to get in on the scalping action.

ShopTo have decided to increase their prices to a sicking £19.99 per Amiibo, after months of being top dog in terms of value and service, at least for Amiibos.''

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NukaCola1264d ago

If this meant Link in Mario Party or Samus in Mario Galaxy 3 then I would think the Amiibo's ability to make all Nintendo game universes blend is phenomenal or integrate them with a full blown Wii U console Pokémon game but I really don't see the point in these subpar quality toys. Nintendo could have a goldmine but they are missing the potential entirely.

spicelicka1265d ago

Seriously I can't believe adults buy this shit! Its ridiculous!

Ripsta7th1264d ago

The nintendo man child crowd xD

rainslacker1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

It's like every other collectible fad. It's popular for a year or so, then it dies out, and it's pretty much worthless. These things aren't even rare enough that in 10-20 years they'll be worth butt loads of money because half the people are buying them with the intent to profit off them one day....or today, so they won't even be that hard to find in the future. Of course they'll slap the "Rare" title up when selling it...along with the other 30-40 people also selling the same item at any given time.

It's really a shame though. As a collector, I would love to have a complete set for my collection. But I'm not going to go to great lengths or efforts to try and get a complete set, or even a few since it'll aggravate my OCD, because it's just not worth it to me, and Nintendo has taken something collectors would absolutely love, and made it into a feeding frenzy to try and find them...which isn't something collectors love. It's one thing to have a great find once in a while, it's quite another to be unable to get the things you want for your collection due to the manufacturers own marketing strategy...which is the only reason these things are hard to find to begin with. I really wish their "supply shortage" tactic would stop working for them.

xwilldemise1265d ago

F*ck these things! I'll admit when they first came out I thought they were cool & loved the concept of them! That is until you figure out it's impossible to find the ones you want! Then there's the fact you see adults line up for these things hours before release & even fight over there toys & can't forget the guys that try to sell them for triple the price. Disgusting! People need to wake up, three ntn special about these things!

MeteorPanda1265d ago

This is nothing but consumerism at it's worse..

"oh no it's limited! Better buy the whole shelf!"

Agent_00_Revan1264d ago

There are 3 amiibos that I wanted, to actually USE them in the game!

Samus was easy to find. I still haven't found a damn Metaknight despite over a dozen trips to Best Buy. And I doubt I'll give 2 sh**s about trying to find Charizard when its released, because I already know what's going to happen with him. I'm tired of these things and I'm not even collecting them.

1264d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.