Why Marilyn Manson Released His New Album on Old PlayStation Discs

Singer Marilyn Mansion has a new album out called The Pale Emperor. It's his ninth studio record, but it's his first released on old PlayStation discs.

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Relientk771358d ago

Love those black PlayStation discs

jreeves821357d ago

Does any realize that ps1 disc's were actually really dark purple and not black.

darthv721357d ago

the dark purple are playstation 2 CD game discs. original PS1 game discs are black.

and actually you could buy CD-R's in various colors. i used to work for a company that sold them with not only the black data layer but also green, blue and red.

The tops were all silver so you could write on them or apply your own label but the data layer was a solid color.

Mikeyy1357d ago

Ps2 cd-rom was purple. Then the normal ps2 dvds are the regular look you are used too.

UKmilitia1357d ago

ps1 black or silver,although mine was greeny silver cos it was chipped lol.

ps2 was purple or silver.

reallyNow1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

PS2 CD Game = Blue surface. (its a stretch to call it purple)
PS2 DVD Game = Silver surface
PS1 CD Game = "black" (dark purple if you held it up to the light)

morganfell1357d ago

Speaking of the albumn, I picked this up and it's pretty decent. Also the PS1 disc version has 4 bonus tracks not on the standard CD version.

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Khajiit861357d ago

Those were my favorite discs. Not even kidding one of my smackdown games was missing a huge chunk of the disc but the game worked only some intros were missing audio or video.

subtenko1357d ago

Wow nostalgia hit: You guys remember going to blockbuster on rare occasions and taking back a disc cause someone scratched the sht outta it? XD HAHAHA! Man the 90's! I'm glad I was a part of it ^_^

Clogmaster1357d ago

Lent FF7 to someone back in the day. Got it back with giant chunks missing from the disc. The ending would be a sloppy mess.

Never understood how people scratched discs so badly.

remixx1161357d ago

Hell when I was younger, I remember the scorn I had felt forwards my pops when I saw that he was using my tekken 3 disk as an ash tray.

Khajiit861357d ago


for me my nephew tried closing it and on the PS1 the top comes down and closes and he smashed it and at least 15% of the disc got broke off and I was mad but the game worked fine.

Blurays are amazing though. I dont even take care of them thats how good they are.

rainslacker1357d ago

I remember when the PS1 first released it was actually a pretty big thing. When I first saw it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever(I was 16).

I later came to find out they did this to help prevent people copying the discs since they used a zero sum sector, and the dark coating prevented people from being able to see where it was located on the disc.

Aghashie1357d ago

Haha! I rented a copy of FF Tactics so damaged the game always stopped at Velious. How annoying. I purchased my own copy of the game months later to find out Velious was not the final boss! Loool! Still got the game on my collection. I seriously miss the 90'.

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Muzikguy1357d ago

I like the idea of releasing a disc this way. I liked them back in the day too. Superb sound off these things

oasdada1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

He should have been offered the role for joker

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TekKing1358d ago

Why is the article picture a pic of the new Joker?

Revolver_X_1358d ago

bahahahahahaha...thx for that!

Nio-Nai1358d ago

Guess you weren't informed about how the new joker looks nothing like that.

bmf73641358d ago

I guess you were never taught how to take a joke

Allsystemgamer1358d ago

You do realize they decided to change the look AFTER the backlash right?

Nio-Nai1358d ago

Wrong, it was never the planned look, they showed clips from on set with him in outfit.

No tattoos, but go ahead and keep believing your facebook posts that constantly hold no grounds.

-Foxtrot1358d ago

Someones a little grumpy

Die hard Dc DC fan by any chance?

Revolver_X_1357d ago

A lot of butt hurt over a joke...just wow.

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Summons751358d ago

Honestly I could accept this as the new Joker than Jared Leto's Juggalo Joker.....ugh it's the worst.

-Foxtrot1358d ago


Was going to post something similar haha

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captainexplosion1358d ago

Absolutely love Manson. But I'm not a big fan of The Pale Emperor. Solid, but hugely disappointing by his standards.

Skankinruby1358d ago

Not me, i thought pale emperor was amazing

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ZaWarudo1358d ago

Ugh, this brings up memories of the goth fad i was into during my teen years...

So awkward.

Highlife1357d ago

The beautifull people is probably the only song I ever liked from him.

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