New Windows 10 Trailers Show Xbox One Streaming, App and UI, Halo 5, Minecraft, and Fable Legends

Microsoft just released two new trailers for Windows 10 showcased at Build 2015, and unsurprisingly, they're full of gaming, embodying the company's new-found dedication to PC gaming and its interaction with the Xbox One.

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DarkOcelet2332d ago

Windows 10 looks pretty cool.

4Sh0w2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

It does, I'm loving all the universal platform stuff they are doing with it.

Edit Damm was that a snippet of Halo5 campaign? Live action?
Sneaky bastards.

DarkOcelet2332d ago

Yeah, they got Halo 5 in the first vid and Fable Legend in the second. It looked cool.

Spinal2332d ago

I'm really excited for Win 10. its a much needed upgraded from the epic Win 7.

Mega242332d ago

It is pretty cool, atm is the best of Win7 and 8 together. But it currently has some annoying bugs (its a beta duh!). It actually caused my Windows 7 partition to become corrupted, had to re-install it. It seems Microsoft it's actually going forwards with the "Only one OS" thing. I predict W10 to be a real successor to W7, but with some hiccups or outcries from some of its users.

iTechHeads2332d ago

But Halo 5 isn't coming to Windows.

(As someone who is in the W10 technical preview, its a horribly buggy OS. Still has a long way to go before final release)

2332d ago
holysmokesbatman2332d ago

What build are you on iTech? My current build seems to have fixed all bugs, well I haven't experienced any since my last build update 2 days ago (build 10042)

The recycle bin is nos square all of a sudden, seems weird.

I like windows 10 though and really love the xbox app.

Volkama2332d ago

Unless you consider that the Xbox One is going to be running Windows, in which case Halo is sort of coming to it.

Or maybe Microsoft's flagship gaming IP is going to be placed at the forefront of the "one platform" and "universal store" vision? Stranger things have happened.

steve30x2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I'm using windows Technical Preview too (Now known as Insider Preview) and if you don't do a clean install of the OS then it will be buggy. I clean installed Version 10074 yesterday and most of the bugs are gone.

Anyway I see this concept as pointless. You have to have your Xbox one powered on with the game running to play it on your PC. Thats just wasting electricity. I see it kind of useful with a household with more than one person though because one person can watch TV on the TV your Xbox is connected to while you play the game on your PC.

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TrollsBringer2332d ago

Does that mean I can play X1 games on my laptop?

DarkOcelet2332d ago

If you have an X1 then yes you can.

maybelovehate2332d ago

You can stream X1 games to any windows 10 pc, yes.

fiveby92332d ago

I am looking forward to checking out Windows 10. The integration with X1 is intriguing. I am not an X1 owner but nonetheless find this interesting. I wonder if a more unified approach to the X1 and Win10 platforms will translate to titles being released on both platforms regularly? That would be interesting. The game streaming from X1 to pc seems cool. Be nice if it also went the other way to display a pc game via X1 on the big screen.

VealParmHero2331d ago

Wow windows 10 does look real cool. I like that it's taking the better parts of 8.1 and integrating them into the classic desktop. It actually looks very easy and fun to use. Plus cortana should be a nice addition for pc and Xbox one. The fact that it's a free upgrade is smart on MS part, helps shed the greedy corporate image a bit. Can't wait to try it myself.

I really like Nadayas quote about how they want to move from people needing windows to wanting windows. That's the kind of mindset that could get them back in tune with the younger generation.

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XboxDD2332d ago


It can't come soon enough.

christocolus2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Lovely. MS's plan to unify all their platforms under the windows 10 umbrella is coming together pretty well. Soon. Very soon. :)

Outthink_The_Room2332d ago

I think MS is taking all the right steps in unifying so many platforms and devices under one umbrella, like you said.

My biggest concern is how well the adoption of it all goes. They are doing what everyone hoped they did so many years ago. We just gotta wait for developers from every industry to now adopt the umbrella approach.

I just don't know how long that'll take. Companies get stuck in their ways and hate change. Obviously this change is good and very productive, but it's still a big change and companies may be slow to adopt. I hope it happens fast, but I'm skeptical of companies doing the necessary work right out of the gate. We'll see by the end of the year how many industries get onboard.

ic3fir32332d ago

1 second tease of a new halo 5 live action? ohhh yeahhhh

DarkOcelet2332d ago

Actually it was two seconds. So yeah, thats awesome :P

ic3fir32332d ago

you remember the 2 seconds of locke tease?, and came out a few weeks later the full trailer.
This is another <3

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