Rumored Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Game Modes Leaked

Gamers that were given early access to a pre-alpha build of Black Ops 3 have let slip some info regarding the game modes they saw in the game. Find out which traditional modes have returned and more.

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Alduin1265d ago

The ones that have been announced so far, yeah. Might be a few ones in the mix that haven't been talked about yet. They have been slowly adding new game types here and there like in BO2 and AW.

JetsFool35001265d ago

Wow anybody could have guessed those gamemodes have been in every year for like 4 years

Alduin1265d ago

Yup. All the info that's been made available so far, though. I suspect there'll be a new mode or two. But those are likely to be revealed at a later date. Still pretty early.

ginsunuva1265d ago

TDM confirmed!

I should try my hand at casinos.

kingeliran1265d ago

Call of duty is now a combination of:

50% Deus ex
25% Crysis 3
15% Titanfall
10% Poop

TeamLeaptrade1265d ago

It's likely that most people will focus on TDM and some other of the usual game modes. Any new ones will probably be overlooked. Even if new ones get announced at some point, I believe they will be played early on for a bit, and then most people will focus their time in the traditional game modes as usual.

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