Xbox 360 Update Adds 2 TB Hard Drive Support and More

Xbox 360 today received a new system update delivering a number of features previously only available to preview program members, Microsoft has announced.

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XboxDD1357d ago

Good job MS on supporting last gen.

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N0TaB0T1357d ago

Kudos for the support!

ShowanW1357d ago

Way to go Microsoft wit supporting the 360.

This is great for those (like me) who's game collection exceeds the 250GB hard drive.

Microsoft also realizes that there are still 84+million 360's out there in the wild. And a lot of 360 games are still selling.

The 360 is basically free $$$ for MS at this point, and now realizing they can have a small team do a few updates here and there and cash in on it.

Smart move MS...

TeamLeaptrade1357d ago

I will be utilizing this option very soon. I just need to get a 2TB HDD to actually do this. But I'm very happy this is happening. It needs to be done for sure. I have a ton of Xbox 360 games that I'd like to replay, but my storage is pretty much full up, so this helps big time.

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