Opinion: Will HoloLens End the Console Era?

We got a fresh look at what the HoloLens is capable of during yesterday's Build conference keynote, and the device has huge potential. However, rising technologies could mean the end of old ones. Could HoloLens mark the beginning of the end for the video game console era?

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stuna11320d ago

Did Airplanes end the Automotive era!? Even if Hololen AR or, VR take off, it's not going to happen overnight! Analog didn't switch over to Digital overnight even when the government basically force everyone to have settop digital boxes.

traumadisaster1320d ago

Automobiles ended the horse & wagon like a mug...

SoapShoes1320d ago

Not instantly, it was a luxury item decades after they were invented.

breakpad1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

NO Hololens cannot even scratch console gaming and especially hardcore multihour gaming...the same goes for VR have a monitor continuously close to your eyes is far from comfortable and also unhealthy no matter the technology also the variety of games which can be developed on these systems is very limited .. imo VR/hololens devices will not live long , at best i give them a coexistence with consoles

uth111320d ago

Did 3D TV end 2D broadcasting?

whoyouwit041320d ago

Did HD kill SD broadcasting? My point is it can go either way.

On topic, is hololens really that impressive? There has been nothing but praise for this thing; I hope it lives up to the hype. And no I don't think it will end consoles.

Yi-Long1320d ago

Of course this won't end the console era, simply because millions of people enjoy just sitting back on the coach or on their bed, with a controller in their hand, and play their games on a good quality TV-screen.

This holo-deck is cool for what it is, but it's not an alternative to traditional gaming.

Just like Kinect or the Wii haven't pushed traditional gaming away.

uth111320d ago

HD killed SD because it's clearly better.

But I don't believe that people really want to wear headgear to game or watch TV

That's why 3D and VR have always failed before.

Sureshot1320d ago

With hololens the screen can be 'projected' onto any wall surface. i.e I could lie in bed and play from my ceiling. Also people have been saying the clarity is amazing, so...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1320d ago

Console gaming has been around since the 1970's. Augmented Reality has been around since the 1980's.

Console gaming generates billions of dollars in profits and keeps millions of people employed internationally.

Augmented Reality hasn't seen much success at all when applied to gaming.

Now, let's ask that question again....

"Will HoloLens End the Console Era?"

With all do respect, that's a ridiculous question.

Christopher1320d ago

HoloLens is a peripheral... not a computer...

WTF? Will Morpheus end the console era? Oh, how about 4k monitors?

Elit3Nick1320d ago

Hololens is essentially a wearable computer like google glass but much more powerful. It has a CPU, GPU and HPU.

Christopher1320d ago

But the majority of its processing is done in the cloud, not on the device. Most peripherals today, including TVs, have the components to make them a computer, but that is not what they are intended to replace. It just enables some features.

shloobmm31320d ago

Elit3 is correct. It is self functioning. It has a highly sophisticated CPU,GPU and HPU that the others do not have.

aliengmr1319d ago

What? No. What a silly analogy. At least admit it.

Christopher1319d ago

You guys are right! With that 1GB GPU, 8GB RAM, and 2.0 GHz quad-core CPU, the HoloLens will absolutely replace consoles!

Bladesfist1319d ago

@Christopher Obviously it wont be as powerful as a console but that does not make your original comment any less wrong. It is a standalone wearable computer.

Christopher1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

@Bladefist: Name me one peripheral made today that doesn't have a CPU, ram, and some form of GPU? Monitors come with those now. TVs come with them. Everything is used to display comes with this stuff so it can be "smart" and run some form of programs similar to HOloLens.. Doesn't make it a "computer" in the sense that it will be what plays games. Perhaps I could have worded it better, but I do believe people should have gotten my meaning. The concept of a peripheral, which HoloLens is (it's not a computer, unless we want to water that word down now so that my thermostat is also a computer now), overtaking console/pcs? Ridiculous.

Bladesfist1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )


If it has a CPU, memory and some pre determined instruction set then it is a computer. The term computer does not have anything to do with how powerful the hardware is. Obviously this means that something can be both a computer and a peripheral. Holo lens will feature an unreleased intel atom mobile processor on a much newer die process than the consoles have (14nm, compared to the Jaguar at 28nm making it most likely much more power / heat efficient). If Hololens is not a computer because it uses a mobile CPU then neither are the consoles. Funnily enough some of the Intel atom processors are already of very comparable performance to the Jaguar APUs.

I would agree with calling project morpheus or oculus rift peripherals as they are not designed to run programs and do everything your computer does by itself. This thing will cost more than an Xbox, runs mobile hardware and is designed to be a standalone system.

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