Square Enix Unveil Real Time CG Tech Demo

Square Enix have today announced “WITCH CHAPTER 0” a real-time tech demo that utilizes DirectX 12, a Windows10 based new generation API, at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference.

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DarkOcelet1265d ago

I cant believe games will finally reach the CGI level we were dreaming of.

Square sure knows how to make them look stunningly beautiful. This makes me more excited to see how the final build of FFXV will look like.

d_g1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

agree this demo look like CGI level @[email protected]

i think DX12+PC=everything is possible

I hope MS will show Similar DX12 demo on Xbox one at E3 to see what is capable of consoles

Erik73571265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

More like four titans is what made this possible....

Each titan X cost $1000 dollars
This was running on $4000 dollar's worth of GPU power.
By the time we have a gpu than can run games like this thats cheaper than $500, we will be on something like dx14!

This is a very misleading demo.

Christopher1265d ago

Not only 4 Titans, but it's devoid of any game logic (only one character, no enemy AI, no physics outside of character/cloth movement, no game-defined parameters or tracking, etc.).

This is the same way as why Unreal Demos and Crytek Demos look soooo good. They're barebones and made to show off a specific thing rather than give you everything you'd normally see in a game at once.

Pandamobile1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Just because you need 2-4 Titans to run it in 2015 doesn't mean it won't be feasible on a single $600 GPU in a couple years.

This is a rendering technology demo, not a game demo.

"but it's devoid of any game logic (only one character, no enemy AI, no physics outside of character/cloth movement, no game-defined parameters or tracking, etc.)"

Yeah, but game logic and AI amounts to a very small fraction of the computing power needed for a demo like this. It's not like adding a couple AI characters to a scene like this is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

NoctisPendragon1265d ago


You could already get something really good with only 1 titan : .

Christopher1265d ago

***Yeah, but game logic and AI amounts to a very small fraction of the computing power needed for a demo like this. It's not like adding a couple AI characters to a scene like this is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.***

Not when that game logic is controlling other GPU-intense elements, such as enemies and updating them based on movement and what-not.

Pandamobile1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Granted, but that doesn't change much. The big limiter is data throughput.

High-fidelity animations and pretty on-screen graphics requires a ton of data getting pushed around. Adding more characters to the scene would obviously increase the scene's complexity, but whether or not they're controlled by player input has little bearing on performance vs. a canned animation.

christocolus1265d ago


I would love to see MS and Square work on an exclusive DX12 title for Xbox One.I just want to see what Square can achieve with this new api.

rainslacker1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )


Yeah, that's why I'm expecting those Samaritan and the original Agni's Philosophy demo level of graphics to be coming around real soon.

Things will get better, but there is a limit on how fast GPU's advance.

On adding game logic not bogging things down...that's true, adding one or two things won't slow it down, but add in enough to make an actual game, and it most certainly does.

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Erik73571265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Honestly its running on FOUR titans....does no one know this?

So what if its dx12, its having to use FOUR TITANS....thats whats making it look so good not dx12!

I bet if we had a dx11 demo with four titans would could cook up something like this....what your seeing is running on a unfathomable amount of GPU power, something that wont be in a $500 dollar gpu until almost 8 years at-least.....this demo is honestly stupid and does not represent what we will see on dx12 in the next 3 years and is very misleading on how big dx12 is gonna make a difference.

LOL by the time we have good looking games like this dx12 wont be the newest dx!

Yes a dx11 demo would not look this good on four titans...

What would impressive me would be seeing something like a 980 running this. I mean If it was that I would be acting like Ya'll.

DevilOgreFish1265d ago

I don't think they listed the native resolution or how many frames they were probably getting in the demo. the 4 titans were most likely giggling at 4k.

sevilha821265d ago

I like how you actually have disagrees,the Titan is sold in Portugal at 1250€,that beast has 4....thats 5000 just for the graphics cards,plus the rest of the pc it will most likelly go up to 6 or 7k€,plus you would need a 4k hd monitor or tv set,more 2/3k€ at least,how impressive it might be,it is an illusion if people belive that games will reach this quality in the next 2/3 years,plus the fact that it´s intorable,monetary speaking for most gamer worldwide.

rdgneoz31265d ago

Yah, the video starts off saying if you want the best graphics, you go for a PC over consoles. Then tells of how they were lent a high end rig by Digital storm ("very highest end on the hardware side") with 4 graphics cards. Not likely you'd see that level of detail running on 1 card, let alone a $500 dollar card. It'd be cheaper making a rig for 4k than that.

SouljAx3601265d ago

According to what I read this demo was running in 8k resolution. Of course you would need 4 Titan X's for that.

DoubleM701265d ago

Yes the should have showed something that can be ran today. It was useless to show a tech Demo like that. Absolutely useless. People want to see what DX12 is capable of on something feasible.

Bigpappy1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Okay my N4G engineer. Go get your 4 Titans and demonstrate to us how it can be done using DX11. If you can't get that done, please do everyone a favor and shut your trap before you make an "ASS of U and ME".

The demo is obviously doing several things. One of which is to show how DX12 enables easy of use of multiple graphic cards. So why so many haters trying so hard to discredit?

Nio-Nai1265d ago

Running 3x R9 290s here, both for work and play.

Stop thinking that no one owns high end equipment.

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Articuno761265d ago

TBH it looks increasingly to me that the real limiting factor (going forward) with graphics is going to be the incredible amount art effort needed to create those kinds of visuals on a massive scale.

And I'm not sure the industry is up to that challenge, at least not at the $60 pricepoint. Heck the industry is already struggling as is, attempting to recoup losses through questionable DLC practices.

Roccetarius1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Maybe if advertising wasn't absurdly expensive, then some of the bloated budgets that publishers have would be decreasing. If it's at all credible, then Witcher 3 used 25 million dollars on marketing alone, while production was 9 million.

Not to mention developing for something universal, instead of 3-4 different sides would help as well.

_-EDMIX-_1265d ago

Questionable? Couldn't they just make extra content post launch? We've had extras in terms of content since the very early ages of gaming.

The industry is making more money now then ever before in gaming and running in real time is actually cheaper then CGI. Many companies don't even do CGI anymore as it cost a lot and they just use in-engine assets. It actually takes more time to downgrade models to fit a certain size then to keep them the same after they where made. Games can make money without DLC.....DLC is made because its a win win..

Publishers get more money, gamers get more content, developers get more work. DLC isn't just made purely to "recoup losses" as if if the game sold well they would't do it or something lol, that is such a strange way of seeing that.

It exist because it makes money and people buy it, gaming is a business. I don't think it will take more time to create such things as again, downgrading models generally takes a bit longer then leaving them as is.

Magicite1265d ago

that PC at the start of the video, its monstrous...

_-EDMIX-_1265d ago

Well we've actually had beyond that if you consider CGI from 15 years ago, isn't near gameplay of today.

Hell even 10 years ago, consider that FFXV's models are actually the CGI models from when it was known as FFXIII Versus on PS3.

FFXV already looks amazing now, and I wouldn't even say its fully next gen. Their next title being made 100% from the ground up next gen will likely make jaws drop.

DarkOcelet1265d ago

Well, since its SE. I doubt we will get another FF this gen.

Maybe a sequel to FFXV but a current gen FFXVI. Nope.

Nio-Nai1265d ago

Those pre-rendered scenes, not real-time.

CGI has two terms, you should read about them.

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christocolus1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Wow.real time? Square never ceases to amaze.The looked pretty good. Cant wait to see what other talented devs can do with DX 12.

NoctisPendragon1265d ago

DX11 already did well in 2012 : (real time ) .

But this one is even better.

christocolus1265d ago

its amazing how far tech has advanced over the years.

NoctisPendragon1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Must be surly more , the old version (2012 , DX11 ) already had 8Kx8k texels : .

But this one has 6x to 12x more pologyons and other kind of high quality freatures than 8k textures .

DevilOgreFish1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

"“We’ve designed DirectX 12 to deliver industry leading performance across the widest range of form factors and graphic cards,” said Steven Guggenheimer, corporate vice president and chief evangelist at Microsoft. “The work Square Enix is doing plays a valuable role in exhibiting the potential of DirectX 12 to enable even greater innovation and optimized game performance.”

Amazed to see square working with Microsoft on DX12, upgrading the Luminous engine from DX11. DX12 is going to be huge for PC gaming.

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