Ubisoft Releases a Free Digital Artbook Based on 'Child of Light'

"Reginald the Great" takes fans of Child of Light back to Lemuria in a gorgeous looking illustrated story. Not only that, the dev team is looking to the community to join in on the creative process for further books.

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ZeroSkerbo1266d ago

I haven't played Child of Light yet, but it is pretty beautiful. Gotta love those watercolors

Digital_Anomaly1266d ago

Do yourself a favor and grab it (although it's been free a few times already, how'd you miss that!?) because you won't regret it. Hands down one of my most enjoyed games from last year.

Kurisu1266d ago

I bought Child of Light as soon as it was made available on the PS Store. Not only are the watercolours great but the story is told in a pretty unique way and the battle system was surprisingly better than what I thought it would be. You level up, learn new abilities, recruit new party members and it comes together nicely all in one neat package :)

700p1266d ago

Its a pretty awesome game and that's gotta say something coming from me since I don't actually play games like those.

MegaRay1266d ago

This is cool but I hope this isnt the announcement UbiSoft meant they tweeted "CoL new project coming soon"

KryptoniteTail1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Maybe I should have read the article first, lol. Neat though.

WizzroSupreme1266d ago

A shame that it's not a physical one, I love having those on my bookshelf.

Clover9041266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Love seeing more Child of Light stuff. Cant wait for a new game. Cute, short read. Reginald is the son of Robert, who joined Aurora on her adventure in Child of Light.

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