Dead Island 2 joins the 2016 exodus -which could be great news

Dealspwn: Dead Island 2 is the latest game to slip into 2016. Oh well, Uncharted 4 will have some company at least. But maybe this is a good thing?

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Blues Cowboy1358d ago

Yeah, take your time and get it right. Surprised to learn who's developing it too, could actually be a lot better than the first. And Riptide, which was a POS IMO.

ninsigma1358d ago

So it wasn't just me that thought riptide sucked?? Absolutely hated it. Never played the first so just assumed it was much the same garbage.

SolidGear31358d ago

I'm actually playing Riptide for the first time right now. It's alright.

Meltic1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

meaby now they can actually add a good story. Meaby some cool cutscenes ??? but in the end i Think this game will just be hack and slash. Nothing about a Epic storyline

Revolver_X_1358d ago

Yager did a very nice job telling a real story with Spec Ops The Line. Its actually a very underrated game imho. I was actually looking forward to Dead Island 2 more then Dying Light, knowing the nice job Yager did with Spec Ops.

Meltic1358d ago

i can tell you that when you play dead Island 2. Its gona feel odd beacuse you can jump like you did on dying light.

Revolver_X_1358d ago

I love zombie games. I got Dying Light because it was that. I hope parkour alone didn't sell anyone on Dying Light. Dead Island's thing is its create-a-weapon. Hopefully its a silly fun time slaying zombies like Dead Island 1 was. Hopefully, at the very least Yeager can concoct a story you semi care about.

Erik73571358d ago

Oh boy,for a second I thought it said Just Cause 2...Phew

Bansai1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

well it would be weird to postpone a game that is couple years old already ;)

kingeliran1358d ago

tell you the truth i really dont care about this game. i dont know why i even commenting on this game, the game really looks lame and arcadey, dying light was the studio best game, this is like mario themed dead island.

bggriffiths1358d ago

Different studio from last two games. This is from Jager, the guys behind Spec Ops: The Line.

oasdada1358d ago

I hope they improve this.. in comparison to dying light.. this game seem kinda pointless

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