Microsoft’s HoloLens Is The Game Changer for Video Games

Dealspwn: "VR headsets, or more specifically the Oculus Rift, have really kickstarted (pun intended) the imaginations of developers. All of a sudden, the VR dream that was laughed off as too geeky and incredibly 80’s is now seen as a real next step for immersion in not just games, but exploring virtual spaces. You only have to look at the reactions from our former editorial overlord Matt, and my fellow writers Jonathan and Brendan to see how impressive an experience it can be."

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DarkOcelet1268d ago

Its really interesting. I actually want to try it.

tuglu_pati1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Just another gimmick IMO, just like Kinect, 3d TVs, Move etc...

DarkOcelet1268d ago

Lets wait and see. It might actually be pretty good.

mhunterjr1268d ago

Sorry, I meant to disagree with you...

I'd say it was just a gimmick if its utility was limited just to gaming... But the fact that they've already demonstrated exciting use cases outside of gaming shows me that it's a concept that's here to stay....

The fact that I can throw a virtual 100in HD TV on my wall with the flick of my wrist is icing on the cake.

christocolus1268d ago


I agree with your comment 100%. Hololens is no gimmick.

AngelicIceDiamond1268d ago

@Tuglu Probably is. Whats worse Hololens will be at E3 this year.

Sorry if I'm cynical about this but Kinect wasn't the game changer everyone hoped it would be.

Why o why1268d ago

Best to wait and see. My priority is gaming related progression. This may be great outside of gaming but I'm hoping its great for gaming. ..lets hope its not another kinect situation.

uptownsoul1268d ago


I think its a gimmick in the console gaming sphere. Outside of gaming I think Hololens will be HUGE…But I'm not sure about how hololens will relate to console gaming other than HUD placement. Of course the price point will probably be the biggest determining factor as to whether this takes off in the gaming (specifically console gaming) realm.

Gamer19821268d ago

Its going to cost an absolute fortune and wont be for the average consumer and thats the problem. The same with google glass and other projects that in reality look awesome but wont ever get to the general consumer. It is a sahem but its too ahead of its time right now. Maybe in 2018 it may be consumer price ready.

Charybdis1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Pretty sure there will be 'gimmick' apps. Though it does seem that its approach is much broader with the 'holographic'integrati on on into windows 10. While it might be another display option AR holography offers some interesting possibilities for displaying three-dimensional gaming images in your living room.
Holographic support might be added in the form of apps thinking about holographic maps and heads up displays. It might also become possible to have a fully holographic displaying option for games. In the end we migth even see games which have been fully designed from the ground up for AR glasses such as hololens.

subtenko1268d ago

This isnt VR, its AR. Vr is better for gaming..... AR while being still cool as shown on PSP and PS3, is limited. VR is endless.

Godmars2901268d ago

No real difference than any other VR, just that MS, who can't seem to catch a break no matter what good they do, like the while online thing, is doing it.

How is "put a 100in HDTV on my wall" really any different than other VR projects putting you in a theater? You're not going to be looking at your wall.

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OB1Biker1268d ago

I have the feeling it's great and may have lots of interesting stuff coming from it but not so much related to gaming

FriedGoat1268d ago

Looks great for multiple displays, but not for games. VR is much more gaming orientated.

lemoncake1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Will depend on how well they do the business applications, the fact that it's totally wireless so you can walk around freely with it on is huge plus, unlike vr where you are tied down by a cable. The holograms also look very solid from the demos which again is a big plus. Biggest issue atm is how much is It going to cost hopefully we find out at e3.

If I can play a game where it's snowing and then it suddenly starts snowing in my room that would be cool.

Minute Man 7211268d ago

I agree that Kinect is a gimmick everything else is your opinion

4Sh0w1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I doubt very seriously this will be under $500 but thats OK, HoloLens isnt directly meant for the gaming community or budget consumers, unlike X1, PS4, Sonys VR tech gaming is just 1 of its secondary uses.

All I know is I want one.

ZootReborn1268d ago

Of course, let's not mention Project Morpheus, right? Hypocrite.

ArnoDorian1268d ago

Nah, i think Hololens will be the true winner but if they use Hololens with Kinect, i can definitely see MS outpacing Sony

Pennywise1381268d ago

I can't speak for Hololense but having played with the oculus rift I can say without a doubt that VR headsets are the real deal and will completely change how games are played for the better. Not to mention the other things that are possible like virtual tours of museums or even mars if you wanted. The possibilities are endless. I can promise this is no kinect or Wii remotes. This is the future.

NeoGamer2321268d ago


VR is no better than AR. There are pros and cons... VR is total immersion. AR mixes reality.

VR is not good if you are in a busy home with lots of distractions you have to pay attention to. You'd have to keep stopping and taking off the headset. AR allows you to participate and in the home but keep the headset on. But AR doesn't have full immersion.

I have Oculous Rift and after a week it found a shelf to collect dust upon. I'm not sure if HoloLens will, but I will give it a try. No more VR for me though. You can't play it for long periods and it requires no distractions.

BeefCurtains1268d ago

I want hololens to be awesome, I really do. But there's been so many "it is gonna be awesome" ideas for X1 and nothing's actually worked yet (cloud, Kinect, hololens...) It's another "wait and see" idea. But I hope it works out *SOON*

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MasterCornholio1268d ago

Me to. But I'm worried about the price. Hopefully its under 300$.

Yetter1268d ago

no chance. Its a computer you wear on your head, not just a display

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Brotard1268d ago

Sony has been working on AR for quite a while now, it will be interesting to see the competition once they move forward with AR.

Personally I think vr will do better in gaming and ar will do better in enterprise etc, vr will be good for immersing yourself wholey in brand new worlds, imagine going through something like yarnahm in a full blown vr experience.

Yetter1268d ago

Sony isn't moving forward with AR. Have you used Playroom?? Thats about it

joeorc1268d ago

Yes they have along with other such companies, like the one Microsoft licence Hololens Tech

joeorc1268d ago

Playstation Move + camera combined use many AR functions . AR for the Tech that HHololens for instance use was licence by MMicrosoft from Laster.

its a pretty good technology the company has its 10 year birthday..grin

assdan1268d ago

I really want to try it out, but I'm worried it, as well as the other vr sets, that it may be gimmicky.

Iceman_Nightmare1268d ago

Everyone said the same about Kinect, its just a gimmick

PunisherRevenge1268d ago

@DarkOcelet....Man my mind is blown with all of these great demonstrations They have shown and would love to get my hands on these as well. Just imagine if at E3 Microsoft announce you can stream both your PC and X1 games to Hololense.Not only would that be a game changer but, it will be game over!

DarkOcelet1268d ago

I have to say if Hololens is as amazing as demonstrating then it will definitely be a game changer.

Offcourse we will need a solid proof that it actually works as good as it is being advertised.

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SpaceRanger1268d ago

Everyone acts like HoloLens is revolutionary to gaming, but they don't realize that the ps vita already utilizes this very well...

For a work environment I can see its effectiveness. But if people want to walk around with it like google glass, then goodluck haha

yarbie10001268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Are you really comparing Hololens to the Vita?

How is this anything like the Vita

christocolus1268d ago

lol. the guy must be talking about something else. definitely not Hololens.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

HoloLens uses Augmented Reality technology. You do know that right?

The PS Vita uses the same technology.

Playing games on a table? Oh wait...

Playing games on a wall? Oh wait...

Nintendo was using the technology even before Sony

I find it odd how some people with so many bubbles know so little about gaming in general.

Manic20141268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Holy shit that looks awesome! There is still lag but this actually looks like a device which actually could change the way people live, way better than any smartwatch

SpaceRanger1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Is this not a gaming website? Yes I am comparing it to vita in what everyone here would be interested in knowing about HoloLens in regards to gaming. It's defining feature is AR and yes the vita already utilizes that.

Like I said below.. "HoloLens uses it in a variety of environments for productivity, but it's in no way new or revolutionary in terms of gaming. It's been done plenty of times even before the vita."


Seriously, it's like nothing else matters other than the hardware they're loyal to. I used to have a PalmCentro and one of the games it had used AR to shoot down aliens around the room using the camera it had.
I'm sure a lot of these people are going to wait next time before jumping out at someone.

christocolus1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )


Lol. They use a form of AR which is very different from Hololens. Hololens is much more advanced than what you've posted here and trying to downplay Hololens wont change the fact that its an amazing piece of tech. the best AR tech out.

so you know,the impressions/feedback in the articles which i've posted above are from hands on experience.also Nintendo came up with VR sometime in the past,why not compare that to oculus, morpheus and vive too?

BeefCurtains1268d ago

Wow, I had no idea my vita could be worn on my face and could project an AR movie on my wall scaled to a 100in TV, or that I could customize a virtual living room to my house that connects directly to my PC and X1. Sony should really market those ideas, because no one knew vita could do that, it is just like hololens right?

Oh wait, I just checked, vita does nothing even close to hololens. Nevermind.

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christocolus1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

PS vita? wth?lmao. You know you really didn't have to make a comment. Hololens and PS vita share no similarities in anyway so you are obviously mistaken.. The Hololens tech is amazing and imo the glasses look really cool.

SpaceRanger1268d ago

I was talking about Augmented Reality. Is that not the defining feature of HoloLens??

Obviously the HoloLens uses it in a variety of environments for productivity, but it's in no way new or revolutionary in terms of gaming. It's been done plenty of times even before the vita.

yarbie10001268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

People thought NASA was doing something revolutionary when they sent a rocket into space. But what people don't understand is the Chinese developed firecrackers thousands of years ago


joeorc1268d ago

this is from 2012, its not really that diff. From what other AR does. The basis is the same , take a look.

mhunterjr1268d ago

Hololens and PS Vita have absolutely nothing in commons. NOTHING.

Was this a joke post?

Barricade1268d ago

Actually, they have the augmented reality in common. But yeah, Hololens is alot more promising than the Vita's AR.

I actually want one from a business perspective more than for gaming (but it will be neat to see it used for that as well).

XboxDD1268d ago

Did you just compare Hololens to PSV?

SmokingMonkey1268d ago

PS3 Eye of Judgement

It was NOT fun.

Hololens games will be similar, gameslike Hearthstone and Minecraft will be interesting on Hololens.

But SpaceRanger is RIGHT.

This is not the first by a long shot.

gangsta_red1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

The Vita does have AR functionality but it has not been utilized very well at all.

Hololens from what was shown, seems to take AR to the next level.

Once again, people coming into an article putting words in mouths, while promoting Sony and their other products. No one said this is new or revolutionary, this is definitely exciting as people want to see what this version of AR can do.

SpaceRanger1268d ago

"The Vita does have AR functionality but it has not been utilized very well at all"

You obviously haven't played Tearaway, or the AR cards that come with every Vita.

No one is promoting anything? But saying that HoloLens is a "game changer for gaming" like the title says, is far from the truth. VR isn't even a game changer for gaming either.
For productive purposes I can see it being utilized more than as a gimmick for gaming (because that's what just about all gaming peripherals are).

Trekster_Gamer1268d ago

Vita is Nothing like Holocene..

Playing cheesy games around a AR card that you have to stay really close to. It was fun on my Vita but free stale real fast!

I do want to see a game demo from Hololens and Morpheus this E3....

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christocolus1268d ago

Was so impressed after seeing those demos.Cant wait to see what super talented devs do with this amazing tech. all i'm waiting for now is a price/release date announcement.

XboxDD1268d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about this.

Transistor1268d ago

Hololens is a fantastic piece of technology, but I'm skeptical of the types of games it will be able to produce that I'll be interested in. I can definitely see it being used for functions in games in very cool ways though. I'll probably have a better idea after E3, so for now I've reserved judgement.

no_more_heroes1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I gave this example on another thread yesterday, but imagine what it could do for RTS games. Imagining the interaction with the battlefield through HoloLens has my mind churning.

I agree about reserving judgement, but HoloLens looks legit.