Afro Samurai 2: The Making of an Unlikely Sequel

Gamespot: "Earlier this year at the Game Developers Conference, I spoke with Redacted Studios president David Robinson about the upcoming Afro Samurai 2. It was a lengthy conversation, in part because I enjoyed the original Afro Samurai (the Howard Drossin-penned and RZA-inspired soundtrack is particularly delightful), and in part because the stories behind Afro Samurai's development and its sequel were too fascinating to pull away from. At one time, Robinson was a rescuer of sorts, a producer who took troubled projects like Afro and Splatterhouse and wove their fraying threads into working entertainment. Now, he's leading a new studio to potential prosperity after successfully lobbying to continue the Afro Samurai story...and after retrieving art assets meant for the original that would have otherwise been ignored, never to be seen and enjoyed by anyone outside of the developers that created them.

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Fallen861266d ago

Gonna pick this up when its out. Had a great fun on the 1 game!!

mayberry1266d ago

This could be a "sleeper". will look out for AS2!