The Witcher 3 – 15 Minutes of New Amazing Gameplay on PC Ultra Settings in Captivating [email protected]

ImAnderZEL recently uploaded 15 minutes of gameplay on Ultra settings on PC (at [email protected]) and people thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, he’s back with a follow-up which is just as amazing-looking as the previous.

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XboxDD1362d ago

Just wow. Those graphics, that art, that landscape,...
It's so fluid in 60 fps.
I'm sad I don't have a PC that could run it like this, my Xbox will have to do.

micx1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I'm sure everyone, regardless of their platform of choice, will have a great time.

spicelicka1362d ago

Not if your platform of choice is Wii-U.....

just jkn guys don't kill meh!

T9001362d ago

PC version looking solid.

user74029311362d ago

its not the end of the world.

MasterCornholio1362d ago

I'm sure the console versions will be just fine.

starchild1362d ago

Looks amazing. I love the dynamic foliage and the day-night cycle. It's so atmospheric and results in an ever changing different appearance to the game world.

Utalkin2me1362d ago

while i agree it does look very good. One thing that bothers me is that the tree's and bushes are always acting like it is very windy all the time.

TheRealCrazedBuffoon1362d ago

If I have to be honest being an EVGA gtx 780 ti owner, I am kind of bothered at these textures still being used in games that blur when you get close to them instead of staying high res... I love this game, it looks amazing, but in terms of graphics after all the hype the textures on the trees are mediocre when up close as it shows when geralt is riding his horse and comes to a stop i nfront of a stream in the video. Though the graphics do still look amazing :D not hating just stating an opinion.

Braid1362d ago

To be honest with you I don't see that much of a difference between the PC ultra footage and the PS4 footage. I might even daresay Dragon Age Inquisition at 4K looks better at its highest settings than Witcher 3 PC footage but the scope of the game is a lot bigger in Witcher so that's understandable.

Perjoss1361d ago

How long have you been making comparisons based on youtube footage?

Meltic1362d ago

Dont worry xboxDD. The Ps4 version of the witcher 3 is equal to high settings on the ps4. So if witcher 3 can run on ultra then ps4 can high. :)

Pixelart1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Nah you wish. Near view distance high detail with no AA and 30fps.. Not even close.

TrollsBringer1361d ago

A video doesn't show the real quality of ultra settings.

StrawberryDiesel4201361d ago

That's great and all, but honestly the combat looks like garbage after playing something like Bloodborne or Dark Souls 2 for PS4. If you're into role playing and talking to tons of NPC's about pointless crap and wandering around a huge world doing fetch quests this game is for you. I will be playing Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 as the combat and gameplay are amazing in those games. Bloodborne specifically is phenomenal.

remixx1161361d ago

As great as I think bloodborne is how about we drop the souls fanboyism for a sec and give the witcher 3 a taste. It sounds flat out idiotic when people try to gauge how good a games gameplay is from watching a couple videos.

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ChrisChambers1362d ago

Every day I say I won't look at any Witcher stuff that shows up...and every day I fail.

ThePope1361d ago

Haha a I was just saying the same thing to myself!!!

gamer91362d ago

Why does Geralt spin around on nearly every combat attack? Looks like he's at the ballet.

gamer91362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

The combat around 5:40 when Geralt is knocked off his horse he spins 19 attacks in a row ha ha. This video has completely removed my hype for this game. If this is Ultra PC I’m afraid what it will look like on console.

bananaboats1362d ago

seriously? so you're one of those who prefers shiny graphics over everything else.

"I’m afraid what it will look like on console"

That's just a ridiculous statement. The game will look amazing on any platform. This video just makes the wait even harder!

HammadTheBeast1362d ago

Show me one open-world game on PC that looks better.

starchild1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Eh the combat looks great to me. It seems fast, fluid and precise, but I'll need to play it to know to know for sure. I do know that the way Geralt moves in combat in the game is faithful to the descriptions in the books of how he fights. If you want slow, clunky, heavy combat, go play something else.

gamer91362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I don’t need shiny graphics, the comment about my hype diminishing is from the combat. I wanted the battles to be a bit more calculated and less jumping around. Oh well, the game will still be great I’m sure.

The comment about the graphics – sorry this video does not impress me all that much for it being Ultra PC.

Edit: Lots of comments about the combat below so I’m not the only one

yezz1362d ago

How did you play games few years ago, when almost everything looked worse than this?

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Gwynbleidd1361d ago

If you read the books you will notice that his fighting style includes many pirouettes and alike fluent motions. It is a dance of the sword but not ballet like, it is a deadly dance :). As a fan of the books I really like that CDPR created their games so close to the story and descriptions of the books.

Feralkitsune1361d ago

Which is exactly how his fighting style is described in the books the games take place after. The Witcher series is based on a series of Polish books, and thats how his fighting style is described within them.

They're faithful to the material.

EvilWay1362d ago

There is something about the combat that I don't like

himdeel1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Its looks like it has no weight to me. I reserve final judgement until I purchase the game.

gamer91362d ago

Agreed. From the hype I’m expecting GOTY everything amazing. Maybe the user is not very good because this combat looks like a button masher.

CoLD FiRE1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Not all games have to have clunky and slow combat like Dark Souls/Bloodborne. If anything, I wish the combat in Witcher 3 was a little bit faster. But I guess if it's better than Witcher 2's combat it should be fine.

@gamer9 Button mashing wouldn't get you far in a Witcher game. It requires timing and strategy.

Vegamyster1362d ago


The Witcher 1's combat wasn't a typical combat system at all, personally i didn't like it. The Witcher 2 was a Quen sign, hack & slash rolling simulator, it was pretty button mashing even on the dark difficulty. I'm hoping this changes it and so far it does look better, i'm was hoping blocking is a good strategy instead of just spamming dodge.

I haven't played Bloodbourne but Dark Souls combat isn't clunky if you don't want it to be, wear light armor and you're quite nimble.

MasterCornholio1362d ago

I noticed it in Joes video as well.

Hopefully its just because they dont know how to play the game with a controller. Ill wait for a few reviews before picking this one up.

P.S I'm happy reviews are coming out a week before the game does.

itsdarby1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I think (and hope) it's the fact that most of the Youtubers they invited to play the game prefers Keyboard+Mouse, but were forced to use an xbox 360 controller for this version.

weirdo1362d ago

wouldn't mind a new build with a gtx 980ti for this... *looks at bank balance* might have to sell my bottom :(

micx1362d ago

I'm still rocking GTX680 :(

Eldyraen1362d ago

Same but I own 2 of the 4gb 680s as I wanted the extra for future proofing (resolution mostly). They still work quite well but showing their age as we move forward especially now as new games come out (not cross gen ports in other words--current gen is more taxing especially when they make a decent PC version).

I've really wanted to hold off for a decent 6-8gb nvidia card than didn't break the bank too much (as I usually buy one higher end card than sli it later so I don't spend as much all at once).

micx1362d ago


I'm holding off too, but the time for upgrade is nearing.

Spinal1362d ago

Got my gtx 970 rdy to roll! :)