Project Cars new screenshots released

Neil writes - "In little over a week, Project Cars will be thrust into our lives. The full extensive list of cars has now been revealed and with it comes a few brand new screenshots."

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neil3631266d ago

There is absolutely no doubt that Project Cars is beautiful. Just hope that the gameplay isn't a bit stale. Forza Horizon 2 has raised the bar for what a racer should be...FUN!

audiophile1011266d ago

agree but also dont forget that forza 2 was a arcade style racer, whereas this game is very focused around simulation.

I have no doubt that this one will truly immerse us in racing likes its meant to be done

CernaML1266d ago

Funny. I found the Horizon games pretty boring compared to technical closed circuit simulators.

neil3631265d ago

Maybe it's just me and a changing of my gaming habits?

I'll play any racer but have most definitely found more fun in the games that are more arcade based rather than getting down with the techy stuff.

I loved all previous Forza titles but Horizon 2 just blew me away.

Ashby_JC1265d ago

Not even looking. I want to play this game not look at screen shots.