Video: What happens if you delete P.T. from your PS4?

P.T. is gone, no more. Its metabolic processes are now history.

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Neonridr3363d ago

never seen someone so excited to be able to redownload a demo.. ;)

Thatguy-3103363d ago

Just goes to show the quality of it. I Want to have it so I can show people and see their priceless reaction to the things that happen during the demo. It's an amazing experience what a game can do to you. I'm glad that I'll still be able to gave it on my system.

Neonridr3363d ago

I loved it, shame we may never see a full game from this small, but awesome, glimpse.

morganfell3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )


We can only hope that once Kojima finishes Metal Gear and gets settled in a new situation with the KojiPro Team, he will reconnect with Del Toro, Reedus, and everyone involved with PT willing to give Konami a much deserved middle finger. Hopefully at that point they then go to work and really scare the daylights out of everyone...Konami included.

There are two projects I would like to see Kojima make after leaving Konami fully that not only would sell like mad but also stick Konami in the eye. One is a Kojima/Del Toro horror game. The other is a game with a character named Snake called Escape From New York.

Neonridr3362d ago

@morganfell - I would definitely love to play a Snake Pliskin game.

Mr Pumblechook3362d ago

I know websites need clicks but this video is the equivalent of a full priced game that has micro transactions. It takes 5 minutes for the guy to reveal the one bit of relevant information; that YOU CAN REDOWNLOAD IT.

My suggestion to Eurogamer is create videos that people want to watch but don't exploit gamers.

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Hellsvacancy3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I think all will work out well, I honestly don't think Kojima will quit making games, hopefully he'll announce a new dev team and be the big boss of that

Rock-Lee3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

He doesn't need a new dev team per se. Remember, he IS the boss of Kojima Productions. Kojima Productions was simply hired by Konami to produce games, they are not owned by Konami. So Kojima still exists as a independant developer, just without a publisher.

Shouldn't take too long till A) they announce a partnership with a new publisher, or B) announce a game they will publish themselves, be it with crowdfunding.

Kojima Productions is not dead, they simply have no publisher linked.

Unfortunately though, the Metal Gear IP is owned my Konami. So Kojima can't make a new Metal Gear unless he purchased the IP. Perhaps Konami will sell off all their IP's to different publishers. Kojima can them create a new Metal Gear under that publisher that has the rights. Personally I hope Kojima won't do it. He needs to own the IP. He created the whole Metal Gear franchize and doesn't own it, that's very sad. I hope one day he can become the owner of the Metal Gear IP, then it's time to come out with a brand new Metal Gear, directed, written, produced and under the supervision of HIDEO KOJIMA!

robtion3362d ago

Imagine what would happen if Microsoft bought team Kojima to make Xbox exclusives. There would be some pretty upset people on the internet though I think.

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kingfetish173363d ago

I don't have a PS4 yet, but this demo's in my PSN download list. Will I be able to download it in the future?

avengers19783363d ago

I think u should be able to, provided you use the same account info

Darth Gamer3362d ago

I redownloaded it yesterday so I think you should be able to.

blakstarz3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Well, I got to admit, it was one helluva damn good "demo".

Kingscorpion19813363d ago

The music in the background while he was dowloading it.. LMAO

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StormLegend3363d ago

Yes! I thought it would be gone forever!

iistuii3363d ago

Deleted it once I finished it. It's a demo, don't know what all the fuss is about.

GetSomeLoGiK3363d ago

It's a scary game. Played it like 10 times and each time I go back to play, I still act like a little squeamish girl. I never been so scared to turn around in my life.

iistuii3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I agree it's scary. It's a shame it's been scrapped, but why anyone would want to walk around & around a corridor after finishing it is beyond me. It's over people , let it go.. Unless of course anyone wants me to download it again & give me a grand for my console..

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re2_apocalypse3363d ago

This goes to show that there are individuals out there that can't comprehend the concept of quality...

totallysane3363d ago

if you don't know what the fuss about then indeed move on yourself and don't comment on it. I know what everyone is talking about. it's the fact that a demo has a lasting impressions which never happens, and also the fact 2 very good directors are involved in the same project.

_-EDMIX-_3363d ago

For horror fans......twas a masterpiece. The sound, graphically, gameplay etc. It was just such a surprising experience.

and yes bud, you better be on the look out for those that really, really, REALLY want to play P.T! lol, you could be selling that PS in the future once this game turns into legend lol.

Why anyone would play it again after finishing it? Why doesn't anyone play a game again? That sounds like personal preference.

_FantasmA_3362d ago

I agree. Wasn't scary at all. Repetitive as hell too. I guess people just want what they can't have.

iistuii3362d ago

Agree. Also I bet 99% of people on here who won't admit it obviously, didn't have a bloody clue what to do after walking around & around & had to google how to get the phone ringing three times & get the ending.

Akarogg 3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Sports game fans......

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Captain_Wormy3363d ago

Oh what a relief that is...I downloaded it from PSN from the phone app and I was wondering if I was able to download it when I get a new PS4. (My old one broke down.)

Haru3363d ago

How did your old one broke?

Captain_Wormy3363d ago

It would take over ten minutes to turn on and whenever I wanted to play a game the screen would freeze or lag. Eventually I never got it to turn on anymore and I had to sell it to GameStop. Luckily they gave me over $300 dollars for it. Now I'm just waiting for MGSV to release before buying another one.

Cra2yey33363d ago

GameStop bought it anyway? Usually they test systems to see if they work. But man I hope my ps4 doesn't die on me. It gets loud every now and again. I want to clean it out.