WhatIfGaming E3 08': LittleBigPlanet Beta Coming This September

WhatIfGaming interviews Alex Evans on beta.

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ice_prophecy3771d ago

I am going to enjoy sackwacking.

er... your sackboy :D

inthekillzone3770d ago

haha yes sackwacking will be fun

BananaSlug3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

in order to make changes to the disc version, i would assume their early September beta release would have a retail release at the end of October

Drekken3770d ago

Patch is always an option.

Surfman3771d ago

Wait a minute.. A Beta for everyone? Selected people? Via a website with inscription? Infos please, i really wanna try the beta.

doshey3771d ago

omg i love this week great news from sony and its developers

princejb1343771d ago

let me guess you can only get into the beta if you have Qore

UGA_13771d ago

I would pay for that beta.

inthekillzone3770d ago

i would spen more on qore just for this beta

i wonder if it will be only single player or if it will be mutli too

Drekken3770d ago

Worth every penny of that hefty $2.99 tag. LMAO

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The story is too old to be commented.