Updated Release Date and English Screenshots for Steins;Gate on PS3 and Vita

The updated release date, as well as some English screenshots, have been revealed for the PS3 and Vita versions of Steins Gate.

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SilverClock1265d ago

"According to the listing, Steins Gate is now slated to come out on the 22nd of May in Europe. New games are usually released three days earlier in the United States region, so the same game could come out on May 19 here."
You're welcome.

OdieEsty1265d ago

So is this jsut the original but now on playstation, or is this like Neptunia and there's 3 games a year with ambiguous names?

tulholdren1265d ago

Woot May i'm ready to play this game.

G3n3raL861265d ago

Need. To. Gather. Money:)