Nintendo Executives Stress Need for Innovation

"During E3 this week, there has been a lot of activity going on amidst Sony and Microsoft in working to boost sales amongst their specific consoles. Microsoft announced that it was making the Xbox 360 Pro, the most popular version of its console, less expensive, but Sony upped the ante by announcing that the 80GB PS3 would be made the same price as its 40GB PS3. While all this has been going on, however, Nintendo has not been sitting idle, despite the fact that it currently enjoys a favorable position on top of the gaming hardware/software heap."

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cain1413744d ago

Innovation is always key... But so is perfecting the innovative products.

predator3743d ago

what ever turned you're back on the hardcore

Viehfutter3742d ago

...due to Nintendo's pretty sparse press conference this year. Innovation, huh? Yeah, iterating on Wii Sports is really pushing the envelope. /sarcasm