Geralt Is Not The Main Character In The Witcher 3 Story, Says Dev

According to a developer, Geralt is a vessel for The Witcher 3 story with Cirilla actually being the main character.

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Alexious1978d ago

Ciri will become the main character for gameplay in the next Witcher game. Though I need some Cyberpunk first

Roccetarius1978d ago

Yeah, i'm calling it as well that Ciri will be the playable character in a future game.

ERFO1978d ago

Cyberpunk is something that I've always wanted. Other games have touched on bits and pieces in the past but I'd love to play a bladerunner-springboarded game as indepth as I believe these guys can make it. That single trailer made me so hungry for it. They really have something there.

Kalebninja1978d ago

Uh I thought they said this is the final Witcher game.

Imp0ssibl31978d ago

Hope Cyberpunk 2077 can be available by late 2016.

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camel_toad1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I knew it! It's Raiden!

donwel1978d ago

You eedjit, it's obviously Nero.

Adexus1978d ago

Interesting take on it, though for me the character we spend the most time with and we play as the most is the main character, Ciri is the "main objective" to me rather than main character.

Snookies121978d ago

Geralt is the main character for you the player, not for the story though.

Imp0ssibl31978d ago

Yeah, in terms of gameplay Geralt is absolutely the main character. In plot terms though, not quite (he's still obviously very important).

Cy1978d ago

Same, whoever I play as is the main character.

ArchangelMike1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Yeah, well from the books Geralt isn't really the central character, the whole story really revolves around Ciri. I'm not sure if thats a spoiler or not though. Sorry if it is for those that don't know the lore.

XboxDD1978d ago

It's not? Huh, I thought it was supposed to be the last game with Geralt as main.

Alexious1978d ago

That's probably why, I think they'll set the stage for future games.

FullmetalRoyale1978d ago

So similar to the idea of being The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz? That is a very interesting take on the narrative from these guys(I'm ignorant when it comes to the lore of this franchise). But I'm totally down with being Tin Man.
Sounds really cool to me.

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