USA Weekly, 28th March 2015


PS4 77,988 (+2%) 7,612,648
XOne 54,672 (-12%) 6,901,423
3DS 44,377 (-9%) 15,028,976
WiiU 20,593 (-26%) 4,033,388
X360 10,815 (+7%) 44,483,221
PS3 7,404 (-1%) 26,710,171
PSV 4,613 (-25%) 2,100,691
Wii 1,064 (+2%) 41,667,391


PS4 690,698 (+14%) 31,989,167
X360 365,524 (+18%) 523,303,4 69
XOne 344,826 (-31%) 30,414,05 7
PS3 285,017 (+13%) 336,624,37 2
3DS 178,057 (+22%) 56,616,244
WiiU 168,652 (-26%) 21,052,60 0
Wii 150,526 (+23%) 454,129,71 2
DS 128,357 (+29%) 349,305,508
PSV 45,297 (+29%) 9,461,280
PC 43,579 (+35%) N/A
PSP 33,383 (+33%) 97,912,032

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DonkeyDoner1270d ago

finally its out...
oh wait its vgchartz

FarEastOrient1269d ago

They had to give the 8 ball a spin so they can watch Avengers 2 later today.

DarkOcelet1269d ago

They are still at 28th March and we are already at May 1. SMH.

morganfell1269d ago

And still, with official numbers now available they are far far off the mark. Vgchartz...they couldn't hit the ground with their hat in 3 tries.

Aceman181269d ago

Has anyone notice that since the PS4 is doing great vgc takes forever to post the "new figures", but when 360 was doing it's thing they updated their figures quick fast Lol.

I guess the head of that site doesn't like happening now lol.

Loadedklip1268d ago

They were getting them out weekly all of 2014 with Sony dominating.

You are just adding unnecessary speculation.

Aceman181268d ago


Idk so why have they slowed down so massively? Do they not want to show the widening gap or something lol?

NewAgeisHere1269d ago

All consoles doing well.

But holy cow.....PS4 sold as much software as X360+XOne combined in the US?Damn, that's just nuts.

Darkfist1269d ago

damnt look at that ps4 sales, but since its vgchartz im sure it sold more

LetoAtreides821269d ago

Those numbers make no sense. The PS4 has been outselling the Xbox One almost every month and yet it only has less than a million unit lead in the US? They have the PS4 selling twice as many games and yet it only has a tiny lead? Something smells fishy.

BarneyS1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Even though vgchartz is not very accurate, the US is still a very competitive market (unlike Europe where the PS4 is decimating the Xbone). MS closed the gap in the US quite a bit during the holiday season. After that it has been growing again since january. And the big software difference for this week is because of the release of bloodborne.

Xavior_Reigns1269d ago

It's not really that surprising, as Barney S said, the US is highly competitive ground. I have a feeling MS will eventually retake it, possibly at this holiday. Regardless, I don't think Sony would mind as long as the gap doesn't become PS3 vs X360.

Either way it doesn't help VGChartz is horribly far behind nor that it's usually inaccurate. Mixing both up is a disaster.

Ryuk_20071269d ago

March?? MARCH?! We already have the npd for that month. How does these things keep getting approved?

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