Has Sony Finally Fixed PS4's Anisotropic Filtering Issues?

The lack of AF in certain PS4 games is disappointing but the trend seems to be ending.

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hello122285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Well done Gamingbolt great reporting. I told people on this site months ago it was missing from the Order 1886 too and i was getting disagrees.

pS4 guys will never agree with me, but i am often accurate with my information.

Neogaf members did not even spot this and they claim they know more than any other site!

Sony updated it recently it was turned off since launch 2013 and people said i was crazy ok folks!

[email protected]

I take what i said back Neogaf did discover the Order 1886 had AF issues. I was talking about it way before them though they were off the believe it was only third party games for weeks and weeks

Sony turned it on last update.

You get a gif here to prove that this thread is months and months old.

JMaine5182285d ago

I feel it was more of a Dev issue. Maybe PlayStation made it easier to implement but there were games that had it and games that didn't.

Harkins17212285d ago

It was a Dev issue and they did make it easier. Sonys wording even made it sound like the devs were dumb not being able to use it correctly.

GameNameFame2285d ago

[email protected] "Well done Gamingbolt great reporting"

Yea. you completely contradicted your self with "but i am often accurate with my information. "

You are delusional if you think Gamingbolt does great reporting.

Genuine-User2285d ago

For the last time! It's not 'missing' in The Order, it's set lower than 16xAF.

jon12342285d ago

People like you are annoying, "I said it first you see" good for you... Do you want an award or something?

Dudebro902285d ago

Good reporting and gaming bolt never go in the same sentence

Revolver_X_2285d ago

lol. My sentiments exactly.

Utalkin2me2285d ago


You sound awful upset over a console you don't even own.

MrDead2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Well done Gamingbolt great reporting!(don't hate me for saying that, it was for KNWS benefit)
The Order was the first title to use HQ AF here’s a quote from the article " It was the first PS4 game to employ a rather high quality AF filtering across the board"
You can see AF in action when playing Dying Light, it’s made a big difference.

Also its never been missing from the PS4 "Cort Stratton, who is one of the developers behind the console’s GPU API has confirmed in the past that the SDK has no issues in implementing AF on games running on PS4"

KNWS, you seem very upset about this news and Sonys good fortune. I think you might want to stay off of Sony articles at least until something negative is posted, that should cheer you up again.

johndoe112112285d ago

Ok KNWS, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here and say for the sake of argument you were right (urrrgh...just saying that gives me the chills), what does that have to do with anything? How did that impact negatively on the games? They didn't have it yet they had some of the best looking games ever seen on consoles (and in gaming as a whole), and nothing on your favorite system that you praise so much comes close to the graphics of driveclub and the order. So why are you fighting to make this an issue? Is it because you are looking for any seemingly negative aspect of the PS4 to cry it down? When you pat yourself on your back for your "great" observation does it make the order any less beautiful or is it no longer considered to be one of the most graphically beautiful games ever made? What's your end goal here?

eldingo2285d ago

when you call something that happens in the future you are very happy about being right no matter how insignificant it really is think about it.

johndoe112112285d ago


Agreed, but like you said, that should only happen if you're RIGHT.

Bathyj2285d ago

So wait, the games that already look better on PS4 are going to look even better now?

Wow, thanks for the info.

Revolver_X_2285d ago

Exactly. He's so hell bent to make Sony look bad, he has know idea what his claims actually say about PS4 games in the long run.

pixelsword2285d ago

High AF not being implemented and not working are two different issues: it seems more like a developer choice or lack of experience than an inherent inability.

Christopher2285d ago

***Sony updated it recently it was turned off since launch 2013 and people said i was crazy ok folks! ***

It wasn't turned off, devs just didn't know how to implement it.

rainslacker2285d ago

It wasn't technically turned off...just not implemented by default. Not really sure how to explain the subtle difference in non-technical terms.

BlackTar1872285d ago Show
angelusbrz2285d ago Show
Magicite2285d ago

meanwhile at sub-FHD-box camp...

reko2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )


"I was getting disagrees" wow you like to whine and complain about everything do you?

mad-dog2285d ago

Wow, what would Sony and Neogaf do without YOU??

guyman2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

"pS4 guys will never agree with me, but i am often accurate with my information"

You literally spread complete BS. The "info" you give in your comments could not be more wrong everytime. Just because a desperate click-bait has the same view as you, it doesnt mean you are right. It's like this is a victory for you. Which is pretty pathetic.

SilentNegotiator2285d ago

You seriously need to be banned. Stalking the pending articles section to post lies is incredibly malicious and pathetic.

rainslacker2285d ago

Great 2nd thread there. You should read it. It goes into great detail why AF isn't enabled by default, yet was still usable with a simple code change.

Crazy how you just proved that it was a developer problem, and not an actual issue with AF on the PS4.

Guess you told us the above truth.....thanks for the accurate information which I can use to completely dismantle your next completely misinformed comment on this subject.

Also...the Order did use AF.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Sony didn't "turn it on." They made it easier for developers to use it, access it, implement it, what ever phrase suits this situation best.

People disagree with you because you are constantly making things up.

DarXyde2285d ago

You're often opinionated with your information.

Please do not confuse with "accurate".

LordDhampire2285d ago

No one agree's with anyone, this site is all trolls. Any logic in a post and they grab the pitch forks.

2285d ago
TrollsBringer2284d ago

AF is so overrated. So taxing even for PC games and it doesn't show that much of an improvement.

OpenGL2284d ago

Anisotropic filtering hasn't been taxing for most video cards since 2004. Anything with a decent amount of memory bandwidth should be able to handle it with virtually no performance penalty.

DigitalRaptor2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )


Why do these Xbox fans LOVE lying and spreading misinformation, and then claiming the moral high ground and holier than thou attitude? It's contradictory and it's disgusting.

If you were big enough of a personality on gaming social media channels, this video would include you in it:

You are literally here to spread lies and misinformation, stalk articles and be the first to post to try and get one over on people who talk more sense than you do 99.9% of the time, and incite a flame war, whilst claiming to be a balanced and unbiased gamer. Trying to prove Sony lied about DRM, trying to prove Sony lied about their sell-through figures. Trying to prove N4G receives payment from Sony. All while offering nothing of substance to prove any wild claim. All in the name of your Xbox allegiance.

As many have proved contrary to your claims, AF was available on PS4 and simply wasn't enabled by default and The Order: 1886 actually does use AF.

As SilentNegotiator said, you deserve a perma-ban. Just like NeoGaf does for people who compulsively lie and incite.

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Haseo1062285d ago

Weird because I have not encounter this problem in Bloodborne & The Order.

gameseveryday2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Because they already had better AF implementation.

traumadisaster2285d ago

I have always found it difficult to see the improvement of af, I have a 4kpc and turn it on and off looking for change and I find it hard to see but maybe a slight change around objects. But I can't say it's better, just a little different.

I've even tried the NV control panel and that didn't help. However, it doesn't seem to use to much resources though.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes2285d ago ShowReplies(11)
gazgriff2k122285d ago

The fact is the majority of AF in console games is just ugly and unwelcome. That's part of the reason people haven't noticed it missing on there next gen machine.

On console and even some pc games I turn AF off if I have the option I also don't like motion blur in the majority of games and turn it off if allowed.

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