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You find yourself alone on an alien land in hostile weather conditions in your rented craft which looks like a budget version of ‘Starbug’ from Red Dwarf - Writes Adam belcher

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UglyGeezer1320d ago

Sounds like a must buy, looks completely charming as well.

FrugalDaz1320d ago

I take it co-op is local as well, does anyone know?

gerbwmu1320d ago

Yes local co-op......suppose to feel like flying together in the ship

FrugalDaz1320d ago

Cheers. Looks like something me and the kid would enjoy.

Concertoine1320d ago

I wish this had a physical release.

UglyGeezer1320d ago

Why can't you do digital?

Concertoine1320d ago

I have the game, just wish more games released physical. If my wii u ever died i'd hate to lose this.