Call of Duty Black Ops III Season Pass is fifty bucks? Really?

Keith Mitchell writes:
So as you are already aware of, Activision recently announced that there would be a third game in the Call of Duty Black Ops series, hell who didn’t see that coming. However what we didn't know is that SEASON PASS for the game was going to cost $50. You heard me, Activision has finally lost it (Some will argue they lost it a while ago) and has announced a $50 season pass for Black Ops 3.

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AKissFromDaddy1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"So a $50 season pass for a game that is going to cost $60, what kind of madness is this?"

In 2010, Black Ops was a $60 videogame with 4 DLC packs for $15 each.
In 2011, Modern Warfare 3 was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2012, Black Ops II was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2013, Ghost was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2014, Advanced Warfare was a $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2015, Black Ops III is $60 videogame with a $50 Season Pass.

In 2011, Battlefield 3 was a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2013, Battlefield 4 was a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.
In 2015, Battlefield Hardline is a $60 video game with a $50 Season Pass.

This is not madness,...this is common.

"...there isn’t any mention of what they are and is just another example of DLC being announced before the game is even completed." But that's how most, if not all, Season Passes are.

If a client doesn't expect Black Op III's Season Pass to fall in line with Activision's "four" previous Season Passes of four multiplayer maps + a zombie map + a new multiplayer weapon per pack, I pity that client. Passes are for clients willing to purchase DLC for a product they already fully support.

"I don’t know what’s worse; The fact that Activision feels that they need to charge that much for a season pass,"

There's no need. It's the cost of making a profit on the amount of content they're delivering, that doesn't splinter the community, at a $10 discount if it were sold separately. It saves the client $2.50 per pack and earns Activision revenue.

"the fact that people will buy it"
That's their business....and money. You're free to judge people on what they want to purchase,...but from my view, that seems petty.

"...or the fact that this may convince other companies to follow suit and raise their prices on season passes in the future."

If they do, they do. No one has to buy DLC. If one feels so strongly towards DLC, don't buy DLC. Nonetheless, I will purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of Black Ops III,...but that doesn't make anyone else's base $60 video game lesser.

We all have mostly the same content at launch...I just purchased more content now,...for a discount.

DivoJones1270d ago

There's a digital deluxe edition that includes the season pass and retails for $99 on the xbox store. ( So that'd save $10 if you already plan on buying the game and DLC.

And I agree with your post, this is nothing new from Activision and it seems to be working well enough for them. If players are truly tired of the pricing and quantity of DLC, the masses would need to stop buying it.

plmkoh1270d ago

The joke is that they're dead serious...

secretcode1270d ago

Hey. Guess what? Same price it has been for the last 5 years. It's not a shock.

Palitera1270d ago

Yup, we a$k for incomplete games, companies deliver.
Nothing new.

vallencer1270d ago

But the game isn't incomplete. It'll be like all the other ones they made and they're just going to be map's normal.

shloobmm31270d ago

How is it incomplete? These games routinely ship with double digit maps. Nothing wrong with adding more maps later to keep things fresh.

Chevalier1270d ago

Complaining 6 years after the fact. Might as well cry wolf after a pack has eaten all the chickens in the henhouse.

SolidGear31270d ago

Always thought it was $20-$30

EvilWay1270d ago

It's cheaper then the past Cod season passes....

Kal-V31270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

COD has almost always had $50 season passes (not COD 4 from what i remember, only a $10 map pack), BattleField too in recent history. does the author even know this?

Hell, BF: Hardline has "Shortcut" packs that unlock everything for $50, JUST to unlock things! no extra content. Look it up! Haven't seen a complaint article about that yet.

This is obviously a reaction article from the Batman: Arkham knight season pass announcement. These "journalists" should do their research.

I'm not defending it AT ALL! I thought it was F**king stupid since they started this scam. Im just saying this is no surprise and does not need a reaction article about it.

clintonbowman1270d ago

Bruh, it's an opinion piece. OPINION. PIECE. You know, those things that people are entitled to?

That being said, this is some real bullshit, and real talk, we actually allowed this shit. It's our fault. Hands down.

Kal-V31270d ago

Sure, but he sounds like this is a new thing and it's coming out of nowhere and he doing us a giant favor for informing us about it.. like it's a new trend. He's all "can you guys believe this is happening?!" when it been happening for years.

He's clearly riding off of the Arkham season pass thing.

Everyone's angry, no one is surprised.

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