2K Sports Confirm WWE 2K15 Can Be Modded On PC

Stuart Thomas: If you’ve been on the fence about picking up WWE 2K15 on PC, 2K Sports has now confirmed there is proper mod support included. The world of wrestling can be a strange beast at the best of times, but with PC modders at the helm things are sure to get a whole lot weird. Let’s see how much hustle, loyalty and respect John Cena has when he’s up against Cthulhu…

The news was confirmed by 2K’s digital marketer Marcus Stephenson, who said WWE 2K15 will support mods, but it doesn’t look as if dedicated modding tools will be coming.

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ServerBOT2840d ago

Unless someone can mod the gameplay to make it more fun, Its not worth it.

Khajiit862840d ago

Hopefully someone does. Would love to see a great WWE game on PC. Mods can add WCW, WWF, ECW etc....

gamegenieny2840d ago

Thats the cool thing about this. Modders usually do exactly that. Skyrim had plenty of mods that changed gameplay. Hopefully good things can happen here too :D