Grand Theft Auto V - New Patch Released, Fixes Ambient Occlusion, Breaks "Script Hook" Compatibility

Rockstar has released a new update for the PC version of GTA V.

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DxTrixterz1270d ago

Looks like Rockstar is still trying hard to prevent modding.

wannabe gamer1270d ago

prevent cheating scum online more like it

1270d ago
HakatoX1270d ago

Or trying to keep the mystery from being found without actually playing the game


ravencry1270d ago

salty that you can't mod games on consoles ?

HakatoX1270d ago


Couldn't tell if you were talking to me or not.
It's like cars....
I drive an elantra. (Not out of choice)
I wont race at all, as I know I cant afford any of the upgrades essential to racing.
So I enjoy and observe racing with much enthusiasm and never think low or get angry at what they are capable to achieve.

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RyuX191270d ago

I think they will release a mod tool at some point. They know the community, hell wasn't Icenhancer a selling point not too long ago? I'm pretty sure people will get their mods soon enough.

SunnyZ1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Yeah. It just needs a little memory change.
My video intro removal stopped working.

Fixed it in 2 seconds.

They just changed the exe slightly.

The side effect being memory changes that the dll does to the exe need to be updated to the new memory locations.

Easy as pie

Audiggity1270d ago

Hey Sunny, what script do you add to remove the intro?

Also, is there any way that you know of the "Shortcut" to the Editor, Single Player and/or Online via .exe?

It would be awesome to create 3 desktop icons that dropped you into each of the main game areas.

SunnyZ1270d ago

Oh I do not use a script. I just use hex to manually edit the GTA5.exe to disable the intro:
How ever an ASI script could easily be made to disabled it. Compile it with your trainer etc.

And desktop shortcuts to online/story mod eI have not looked into. Mainly because my steam copy gives me that option on start up.

Could look into it though.

Audiggity1270d ago

LOL, what douchebag gave us disagrees?

Thanks Sunny! Working on it now.

WizzroSupreme1270d ago

Rockstar's just never understood the Internet that all of these young people are using these days...

Kalebninja1270d ago

That's not cool Rockstar not cool.

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