IGN: E3 '08: The Conduit Hands-On

IGN Wii readers are no strangers to The Conduit, a Wii-exclusive first-person shooter developed by High Voltage Software. IGN unveiled the ambitious project many months ago and they have been posting regular (and usually exclusive) updates on it ever since. But at E3 2008 this week, IGN finally had the chance to go hands-on with the shooter to find out if it's really all that High Voltage has been promising.

And now that IGN have gripped the Wii remote in their hands, run through a world drown in uncommon (for Wii) graphical effects and gunned down alien vermin with customized precision, they can state without any hesitation that it most certainly is the real deal. Put it on your radar right now because it is exactly the caliber of Wii effort you've been waiting for.

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ChickeyCantor3743d ago

And people said this was a hype just like Redsteel....After reading this...Now I really can't wait.

Product3743d ago

This looks great,and online makes it a must buy for me.
Matt Cassamasina of Ign actually says in the interview that alot of people who walked by thought it looked like a new xbox 360 game...and thats coming from a source who trumps us all in video game knowledge.

titntin3742d ago

Credit where credit is due, I was originally a doubter of this title, but this article has me thinking I may have written it off too early.

Lets hope this turns out to be the decent core game that the system badly needs - it certainly looks like it is. I understand the engine is also available for third parties, so lets hope we see some more ofthis tech in a few other games too....

ItsDubC3742d ago

It's great to hear that HVS have nailed the controls. I really believe the Wii remote can bring 1st-person games to new heights, and so far MP3 and MH2 have proven themselves in that aspect. Judging from what IGN says, The Conduit looks like it'll continue that trend, as I hope COD5 can as well.