Call of Duty Word at War II : The NEXT part to expect?

After the realease of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, everyone is expecting the arrival of the new big game of the franchise. But the question that we should be asking is… Which part is it going to be?

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Summons751359d ago

I doubt it. Considering we got a lot of rumors and leaks Blops 3 was going to be WW2 and it wasn't. Which makes sense because the exo-suits weren't a hit but Activision sure likes to believe they were so there won't be a COD without them now.

MetroidFREAK211358d ago

Lol the disagrees... Haha hating on change

Peace_Love_and_FPS1358d ago

I liked them too, I wasn't very good before them, but if more people dislike them that's okay. I feel like treyarch will nail movement though, rather than a rookie studio.

phoenixwake1358d ago

COD: Edutainment edition? In a world of vaguely foreign villains, one marine has the bravery and the grammar to fight back...


BumpFrankie1358d ago

Why is this post from damn near a whole month ago being approved? Blops 3 is already revealed.