Important Splatoon release info is coming via Nintendo Direct

Nintendo have announced "important squid research" on Splatoon will be revealed via the next Nintendo Direct live broadcast.

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Skate-AK1266d ago

Calling it. They are adding voice chat at launch or shortly after release.

SaxScrotumz1266d ago

I would be pleasantly surprised if they added this feature but I doubt it.

themonado1266d ago

Don't get your hopes up

WizzroSupreme1266d ago

I sure hope that this is voice-chat, because that's what makes a shooter these days, kiddie or not. They could just limit it to friends like in Mario Kart 8 – as it should be, really.

themonado1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Yeah, I'm not really sure why there isn't voice chat for at least just friends. Public chat doesn't really matter to me, but it would be nice to be able to talk to your friends WITHOUT having to use unecessary things such as Skype. I doubt they'll implement that at any point, but it would be nice if they did.

Big_Game_Hunters1266d ago

Think I'm going to skip this one. This is the only game Ive managed to not keep up with. It will be nice to play this game not knowing anything.

Bronxs151266d ago

Is there a way to do voice chat with my friends in Mario kart if we're both racing other ppl online??

themonado1266d ago

Nope. The only way you can talk to your friends on the game is through a private room.

Bronxs151266d ago

That's what I thought :(

Thoughtaybe there was a way I didn't know. They should patch that before splatoon. If they can't get it to work in Mario kart I suspect those expecting it for satioon are setting up for disappointment

Mega_Volnutt1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I have a feeling for this game, that is gonna suk dik. I bet is going to get pretty old in a matter ot weeks, after release... :/

AWBrawler1266d ago

a feeling, or a wish? seems more like a wish to me.